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Atlantic Refrigeration & Air Conditioning, Inc. - Water Heaters

Water Heater Services in Maryland and Delaware

No home in the area would be complete without a water heater: those tall cylindrical devices that sit in our basements and garages, and provide our Maryland and Delaware homes with safe hot water for cooking, cleaning and bathing. They do their jobs silently most of the time, which makes it a shock when problems crop up.

The good news is that you have a trained team in Atlantic Refrigeration & Air Conditioning, Inc. that can handle water heater services throughout all of Maryland and Delaware. That includes installing new units, replacing old ones, repairing those with problems, and scheduling annual maintenance to stop trouble before it starts. Call on us today!

Water Heater Installation Services

Installing a new water heater in Maryland and Delaware takes a professional’s touch. It means not only possessing the proper licensing and training, but experience in different types of water heater, and an understanding of which ones work best for your home. It also means installing them with care and attention to detail: using high–end components such as bolts that won’t wear out easily, and double–checking each step to prevent leaks or poorly fitting components.

Our team has the skills to properly install water heaters, and to ensure that your new system works exactly the way it should. We serve homes throughout Maryland and Delaware, and we can even cart your old water heater away when it needs replacing!

Water Heater Repair Services

Repair services can be very difficult with water heaters, not because they are hard to fix in and of themselves, but because they rarely draw attention to themselves until the damage has become very extensive indeed. Water heaters are usually located in parts of the home that don’t see a lot of traffic: in the basement, for example, or the garage.  Because of that, by the time you notice a problem, the damage may be extensive indeed.

Time is of the essence in these cases, and our repair service knows how to work fast and treat the problem the proper way. That helps keep the damage contained and the costs of repair down, while giving you the peace of mind that comes from relying on the very best!

Water Heater Maintenance Services

The best way to keep those repair bills down is to prevent them from occurring in the first place, or at least catching them early enough to keep the attendant damage in check. That means scheduling a regular water heater maintenance session once or twice a year from a trained professional. They can give it a look, note any signs of trouble, and schedule a repair session to take care of it lickety–split.

Water heater maintenance can do more than that, however. It takes care of key aspects of keeping your water heater free of wear and tear, such as replacing the anode rod (which prevents rust in the tank) and flushing the tank (which keeps sediment from building up). That improves the water heater’s efficiency, and ensures that monthly bills go down. When applied over the long term, it can even extend the overall life of your water heater!