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Water Heater Services in Maryland and Delaware

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No home is complete without a water heater—those devices that sit in basements and garages and provide homes with safe hot water for cooking, cleaning and bathing. Most water heaters store heated water in a large tank, but the option for tankless models is becoming greater each year as more homeowners learn about their advantages.

You have a trained team here in Maryland and Delaware to handle all your water heater service requirements: Atlantic Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, Inc. We are experts at installing new units, replacing old ones, repairing any problems that may crop up with a current one, and scheduling annual maintenance to prevent water heater problems before they start. We work with both the newest in storage tank water heaters and the best in cutting-edge tankless water heaters.

Call us for water heater services! Over 25 years of quality service throughout Delaware and Maryland.


Water Heater Installation Professionals

Installing a new water heater in a house takes a professional who possesses the proper licensing and training, as well as experience in different types of water heater units. A true professional knows the right type of water heater for a house, and can install the ideal unit with care and attention to detail: using high-end components such as bolts that won’t wear out easily, and double-checking each step. Our team has the skills to properly install water heaters and ensure that your new system works exactly the way it should.

The Tankless Water Heater Option

Tankless water heater eliminates water storage, and instead heats water as it passes through the unit with gas jets or electrical heating elements. A tankless system can make a great fit for the right kind of household. The houses best-suited are vacation homes, which sit unused for portions of the year.

These homes may struggle with tank water heaters, which can develop mold and cause other problems when left unused. But the benefits of a tankless system—low energy consumption, unlimited hot water, long service life—can be an advantage to many types of homes. Our installers will help you with making the right choice for a new water heater, tank or tankless.

Repair and Maintenance for Water Heaters in Maryland and Delaware

Repair services can be difficult with water heaters because they rarely draw attention to themselves until the damage is extensive. Our repair technicians work fast and treat the problem the proper way. We’ll keep the damage contained and the costs of repairs down.

But the best way to keep repair bills low is to prevent them from occurring in the first place. Regular water heater maintenance from a trained professional not only helps stop repair issues, it takes care of key aspects of keeping the water heater free of wear and tear, such as replacing the anode rod to prevent corrosion and flushing the tank. Over the long term, water heater maintenance can extend the overall life of the water heater.

Atlantic Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, Inc. offers water heater maintenance in Delaware and Maryland to ensure our customers have peace of mind about their hot water supply. Our technicians can also see to any water heater repair needs you have. Schedule service with us today.

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