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Why Consider Different Options for an Air Conditioning Replacement?

March 20th, 2015

Have you come to realize that your air conditioner is no longer satisfying your cooling needs? Has your system finally broken down entirely, or is just requiring repairs to frequently to justify continuing on with them? If so, then contact the Berlin, MD air conditioning replacement pros at Atlantic Refrigeration. Not only do our technicians have the skill and expertise that they need to replace your air conditioner properly, but they can replace it with a variety of different options. That is why you should seriously consider your various options when in the market for an air conditioning replacement.

The number of different air conditioning systems on the market today can be a bit overwhelming. However, it can really pay off in the long run to weigh your options carefully before rushing into your AC replacement. There are a few different reasons as to why you should take your time when choosing your new system. The first is, of course, to find the system which best suits your personal preferences and usage habits.

Many homeowners inherit their HVAC systems with their homes, meaning that the system they use is not necessarily the one best suited to their needs. By switching things up when replacing your air conditioner with a different type of system, you may be able to live more comfortably and conveniently. Take, for instance, a homeowner sensitive to airborne pollutants. Because pollutants can circulate throughout one’s home via air ducts, if they infiltrate the system, opting for a ductless AC may be a good option to consider.

Efficiency levels, as well as environmental concerns, are another strong reason for carefully considering your AC replacement options. Both heat pumps and geothermal HVAC systems cool homes by removing heat from the air in the house, and then redistributing that conditioned air back throughout the livinng space with ductwork. However, such systems are also able to reverse their refrigerant flow, allowing them to transfer heat back into your home during the colder time of the year. This is incredibly efficient, as far as heating a home goes, and allows for year round comfort with just one convenient system.

As you can see, there are numerous good reasons for not simply replacing your AC with the exact same type of system when the time comes for a full replacement. Some homeowners may choose to do so, of course, and there is nothing wrong with that.

We here at Atlantic Refrigeration just advise you to take the time to consider your options, and to schedule your air conditioning replacement in Berlin, MD with a member of our staff.

Atlantic Refrigeration & Air Conditioning, Inc. Participates in the 2015 St. Patrick’s Day Parade!

March 17th, 2015

Last Sunday, Atlantic Refrigeration & Air Conditioning, Inc. took part in the 2015 St. Patrick’s Day Parade and had a great time! We love celebrating with our community and enjoyed seeing all the local residents, families and most of all, kids, enjoying the event. We look forward to participating again and can’t thank our local community enough for showing up and celebrating this great holiday!

Why Speak with a Professional Prior to Your Air Purifier Installation?

March 13th, 2015

If you need to remove polluting particles from circulating through your home’s air, one of the best methods is to have an air purifier integrated into the HVAC system. Air purifiers work in different ways: the two most common are electronic air cleaners that use ionization to draw contaminating particles out of the air, and UV air purifiers that bathe the air passing through the ductwork with ultraviolet radiation that destroys bacteria, viruses, mold spores, and other biological hazards.

It’s important that you work with professionals when you want to improve your indoor air quality. Contact Atlantic Refrigeration: we offer professional indoor air purifier installation for Middletown, DE and the surrounding areas, as well as other ways of improving the air inside homes.

The main reason that you need to talk to an indoor air quality specialist before you commit to the installation of an air purifier is that you must make sure you have the right type of purifier to address the specific issues in your home. Only a professional will be able to determine what is polluting your air and the appropriate purifier to counteract it.

For example, if the air in your home is declining because of the presence of microbacteria inside the ventilation system, an air cleaner that uses ionization will not provide help. Ionization is excellent for eliminating small particles and gas and odor molecules, such as pesticides and smoke, but it isn’t effective against organic contaminants. A professional will be able to tell if you have a microbacterial issue in your HVAC system and recommend using a UV air purifier to combat it.

A professional will also know the right size of purifier to solve the problem. A system that is too small will not clean your air effectively, and one that is too large will drain excess power.

You must also rely on professionals beyond consulting on which model to install: you must let them handle the installation itself. This is the only way you can be certain that the system is doing its job correctly.

We have the training and tools to see that your home receives the right air purifier for its needs, or whatever IAQ solution will help you receive cleaner air. For air purifier installation in Middletown, DE, trust to our professionalism.

Contact Atlantic Refrigeration when you are thinking about improving your indoor air quality in Middletown, DE or the surrounding areas.

Why You Should Schedule Regular Commercial AC System Tune-Ups

March 6th, 2015

When the heat of the summer season hits in the Dover area, it can hit pretty hard. We are not quite at the cusp of the heat’s real arrival just yet, but this is certainly the time at which you start thinking about the way in which you will cool your commercial property in the hottest months to come. The changing of the seasons may sneak up on you, but it is vital that you do not allow the heat of summer to sneak up on your commercial cooling system. That is why Atlantic Refrigeration recommends wholeheartedly that you schedule your commercial AC system tune-up in Dover today. That way, you can count on your system being ready for whatever type of heat the summer months can throw your way.

Routine commercial air conditioning tune-ups benefit the commercial property owner in a few different ways. First of all, this is the best way in which to ensure that your commercial cooling system functions as efficiently as possible. You are going to be running your commercial air conditioner a lot throughout the summer season. If you hope to do so without suffering exorbitant commercial cooling costs, then you are wise to schedule a professional commercial AC system tune-up with a member of our staff. This gives our technicians the opportunity to thoroughly inspect your system, making any necessary adjustments to ensure that your system functions at peak performance levels. Of course, this is not the only way in which routine commercial cooling maintenance can benefit your system, nor is it the only way in which it can protect your budget.

A poorly maintained commercial air conditioning system is far more likely to suffer operational problems than one that is routine tuned up is. As your system works throughout the summer season to cool your property, it is going to incur no small amount of general wear and tear. When you fire up your system early in the following cooling season, you may find that this wear and tear has left your system vulnerable to problems and even a potential break down. Having it tuned up before putting it back into heavy use can really help you to avoid such unpleasant situations.

To do so, just dial our number. The pros at Atlantic Refrigeration are here to keep your system in excellent working order.

If you want to cool your commercial property effectively and efficiently, then you must schedule professional commercial AC system tune-ups in Dover with Atlantic Refrigeration and Air Conditioning.

Which Air Purification System Do I Need?

February 27th, 2015

In a perfect world, you wouldn’t have to worry about the pollutants that can drag down the quality of the air in your home. This is not a perfect world, though, and if you are waiting for your indoor air quality to clean itself, we don’t suggest holding your breath. Instead, dial our number and work with one of our fine air purification technicians. Not only can we help you to choose the most appropriate air purifier for your needs, but the Milford, DE air purification professionals on our staff will ensure that you get the very best performance possible from your new equipment. Here are a few tips to consider when determining which air purification system best suits your needs, courtesy of the IAQ specialists here at Atlantic Refrigeration.

First of all, know that different air purification systems are appropriate for different air quality problems. For many homeowners, using the right mechanical air filter is all that they need in order to resolve problems with airborne pollutants. Mechanical air filters are installed into your HVAC air distribution system. As air passes through the filters, a media filter traps pollutants while letting the air pass through. In some homes, though, more specialized equipment is necessary.

Electronic air purifiers are another great way in which to remove airborne pollutants from the air in your home, but they are not passive in the manner of mechanical air filters. Instead, these systems draw air into an ionization chamber. In this chamber, the pollutants within the air are given an electric charge. They are then trapped on oppositely charged collector plates. These plates are easily removed and must be cleaned from time to time. When the air leaves the ionization chamber, it is of a much higher quality and purity than when it went in. Not all pollutants can simply be removed from the with the utilization of such techniques, though.

Biological pollutants are of much concern to homeowners, as these pollutants can have seriously negative implications for one’s health and even a home itself. Mold, viruses, and bacteria all fall into this category. These living organisms must be destroyed, not simply trapped on a filter where they can continue to reproduce. With the use of a UV air purifier, which uses small amounts of UV radiation in order to destroy such pollutants, you can protect your property and the health of everyone therein from the adverse effects of such pollutants.

Schedule your air purification services in Milford, DE with the professional indoor air quality technicians on the Atlantic Refrigeration team.

Repairs a Geothermal Heating System May Need

February 20th, 2015

Geothermal systems are built to last – after all, they do have an average lifespan of up to 50 years – but that doesn’t mean they won’t ever have repair issues. There can be some concern over geothermal repairs because parts of the system are so different from more traditional heating systems, but when you hire trained experts, like the ones from Atlantic Refrigeration, you can rest assured that your geothermal heating repairs in Dover, DE, are in good hands.

Types of Repairs

Here are some of the repairs that can develop with a geothermal system:

Issues with the Heat Pump

Geothermal systems use a heat pump to transfer the heat back and forth. The heat pumps will either be water-source or ground-source, depending on the type of geothermal system you’ve installed. One of the most common problems with heat pumps is compressor issues. The compressor pressurizes the anti-freeze in the system, so problems with the compressor can create heating issues. Other issues that can develop are problems with the coils and issues with the condenser.


There are a number of minerals in water, and sometimes these minerals can form a build-up in piping called “scale”. The ground loop of geothermal systems, and even the heat pump, can develop scale, which, if significant enough, can restrict the flow of the anti-freeze in the system. An acid flush performed by a trained professional can remove the scale build-up easily.

Ground Loop Leak

The ground loop developing a leak is one of the top concerns about geothermal systems, but it doesn’t have to be. First, leaks rarely develop and second, technicians use a specific process to pinpoint the leak location before digging. The process involves injecting non-toxic dye into the ground loop and waiting for the dye to bubble to the ground’s surface; the location of the dye on the ground’s surface indicates where the leak has developed. Once the dye appears, digging can begin and the leak can be repaired.

Geothermal systems are the most energy efficient systems available and their long lifespan can mean years of comfortable, very environmentally-friendly heating and cooling.

If you have concerns about geothermal repair in Dover, DE, call the experts at Atlantic Refrigeration today!

Some of the Unusual Movies Released for Valentine’s Day

February 14th, 2015

Hollywood has always tried to match movies up to the seasons to draw droves of viewers to the theaters: October is packed with fright-offerings, while the winter holidays skew toward warm and pleasing family films (as well as Oscar hopefuls). Valentine’s Day falls in an odd spot when it comes to the movie release calendar, however, since February tends to be a slower time for the film industry. The studios are as likely to slot strange movies that don’t fit anywhere else in their annual schedules into the Valentine’s Day weekend as they are films with powerful romantic appeal.

So, while the second weekend of February has featured hugely successful romantic comedies like Hitch, The Wedding Singer, and (of course) Valentine’s Day, some truly weird choices have debuted in this weekend as well. And a few have even gone on to tremendous success despite the bizarre match with the holiday. Here are a couple of the odder Valentine’s Day movie releases:

  • Dracula (1931): Yes, this Halloween perennial and the start of Universal Studio’s Classic Monsters actually came out on Valentine’s Day! But perhaps this makes some sense, as the Dracula legend has often received a “doomed lover” approach in the many years since Bela Lugosi made the aristocratic vampire a screen icon.
  • The Silence of the Lambs (1991): Does any film seem less appropriate for Valentine’s Day than this unnerving and sometimes very violent psychological thriller? What’s even more astonishing than the film’s release date is that The Silence of the Lambs eventually nabbed the Oscar for Best Picture, an almost unheard of occurrence for a movie released so early in the year.
  • Daredevil (2003): This Marvel comic adaptation featuring Ben Affleck as a blind superhero does contain a romantic subplot, but the stronger connection to Valentine’s Day may just be that Daredevil wears a bright red costume.
  • A Good Day to Die Hard (2013): The least successful of the Die Hard film franchise, this is an excellent example of a studio dropping a film into a weekend where it doesn’t fit in the hopes that it works as counter-programming. (It didn’t.)
  • Wayne’s World (1992): Now here is an example of counter-programming that clicked with audiences. This comedy based on a Saturday Night Live sketch turned into one of that year’s biggest hits and spawned a sequel.

Whether you celebrate Valentine’s Day with a trip to the movie theater, or you have your own special plans, everyone here at Atlantic Refrigeration hopes you and your loved ones have a wonderful weekend.

What’s Included in a Quality HVAC Maintenance Program?

February 5th, 2015

Your heating and air conditioning systems go through a lot in the course of a year. Air conditioning systems contain many mechanical components that require quite a bit of electricity to operate. And on a particularly warm day, these parts can begin to wear down, which means they must work even harder to cool your home. Heating systems may contain burners and ignition equipment that can malfunction from just a little bit of dirt. Keeping parts in top shape is key to the performance of your heating and air conditioning system, which is why technicians usually recommend that you enroll in an HVAC maintenance program.

If you’d like to sign up for a complete, quality HVAC maintenance program in Georgetown, DE, call the professional maintenance team at Atlantic Refrigeration today. Here’s what you’ll get from a maintenance plan:

  • Twice Annual Inspection: If you so choose, you could skip enrolling in a maintenance program and just schedule maintenance when you feel it is necessary. However, this means you’re not getting all of the additional benefits of an HVAC maintenance program (such as special offers and discounts), and you may forget to schedule appointments.
  • Adjustment and Cleaning: Over time, parts are bound to become a little bit dirty, especially the outside portion of your air conditioning system or heat pump and the exposed, dusty areas of your air handler.  Technicians will clean several of the key components, such as the indoor and outdoor coils and the blower fan, and they’ll make any adjustments that may be necessary.
  • Additional Benefits: Most HVAC maintenance programs also include additional benefits that may actually compensate for the annual fee. At Atlantic Refrigeration, for example, we offer priority service to all customers enrolled in our twice yearly maintenance program, so that is a sudden repair need does come up, they’re moved to the top of the service list. We also give discounts to these customers for parts and labor.

Call Atlantic Refrigeration today to enroll in an HVAC maintenance program that can help to save you money, reduce repairs, and potentially extend the life of your heating and AC equipment.

When the Thermostat Is at Fault for Your Commercial HVAC Trouble

January 29th, 2015

When the heating and air conditioning system won’t come on in your home or business, the first thing you check is the thermostat. The thermostat is the most accessible portion of your HVAC system, and it’s natural to assume that this piece is at fault. The thermostat may be at fault if it is not programmed properly, if the wiring is faulty, or if it needs a thorough maintenance check. However, oftentimes, it turns out that the thermostat is working just fine and another component of your HVAC system is at fault. The following guide details common thermostat problems, and why replacement is often the best option for faulty commercial thermostats in Smyrna, DE.

Learn How to Program the Thermostat

Sometimes, thermostat trouble occurs simply because the people on the property are unsure of how to operate the thermostat. Take the time to learn about the operation of your thermostat by reading a guide or consulting with a technician upon installation or maintenance. You may even want to communicate some vital information back to tenants and employees on the matter so that they can check the thermostat first if trouble occurs. Programming settings can be difficult to understand, and you want to make sure that it is programmed to remain running when people are in the building.

Signs of a Faulty Thermostat

If all of the settings are correct and the unit is not running, it’s possible that the wiring in the thermostat has gone awry. Sometimes, the technician can make repairs for this type of problem, but other times a replacement is necessary. Another common issue that could indicate faulty wiring (but may also result from a number of electro-mechanical issues) is short cycling—when the unit turns off soon after starting and before the heating or cooling cycle is complete.

When Replacement Is the Best Option

Sometimes, a thermostat simply fails to do its job, and replacement is a more cost effective option than any lengthy repairs. However, you shouldn’t attempt replacements yourself and assume that the thermostat is at fault, as it could be any of several other problems instead. On the other hand, a replacement thermostat with advanced settings may make your system run more efficiently even if your older one did not appear to be in trouble.

Call Atlantic Refrigeration for service, repair, or installation on commercial thermostats in Smyrna, DE.

Energy Recovery Ventilators vs. Heat Recovery Ventilators

January 22nd, 2015

Homeowners who are conscious of their monthly energy spending can take just a few simple steps to keep their bills reasonable. Keeping doors and windows shut while running the heater or air conditioner is an important part of energy efficiency, as is sealing any leaks around the home and weatherization. But all this sealing and reinforcing can lead to some consequences for your family’s health.

When your home is sealed up tightly, your air conditioning and heating system won’t have to work as hard to get your home to a desirable temperature. But this also means that there is no fresh air coming into the home. We need fresh air to dilute the effects of cooking and cleaning and to allow any chemicals from the building material in our homes or other home processes to vent. That’s why many homeowners bring in a professional to install heat recovery ventilators or energy recovery ventilators. We’ll go over the difference in the following post.

Heat Recovery Ventilators

If you want fresh air in your home, you could simply crack a window, but this brings along with it undesirable temperatures. In the winter, you don’t want heat to escape from your home, and in the summer, you don’t want to let it in. A heat recovery ventilator uses fans to pull in the fresh outdoor air while exhausting the stale outside air. However, as it flows through the HRV some of the heat from the warmer air transfers to the other air stream. In other words, the heat from the incoming air stream transfers to the exiting air stream in the summer so it does not move into your home. In the winter, the heat from the outgoing air stream is transferred to the incoming fresh air.

Energy Recovery Ventilators

An energy recovery ventilator does everything that a heat recovery ventilator does, except that it is more effective at transferring moisture. The moisture in the humid air stream transfers over, so moisture can move into your home when the air is too dry and moisture moves out when it’s hot and sticky, without mixing the two airstreams.

Contact Atlantic Refrigeration to discuss your needs and decide whether energy recovery ventilators or heat recovery ventilators in Bethany Beach, DE are best for you.