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Alternative AC: Do You Need a Central Air Conditioner?

For many homeowners, the choice of whether you need AC or not is simple. When you walk into your neighbor’s home, you just feel the rush of cool air and you’re not really concerned with what type of air conditioner they have running in the background.

This is because, for a long time, central air conditioners were the only kind of air conditioners aside from window units and standing portable systems. They were the only effective way to remove heat from a home on a large-scale basis. But times have changed quite a bit, and there’s a whole market full of alternative air conditioners.

So, do you need a central AC? Or are there AC alternatives for homes in Sussex County, DE that you could take advantage of? The answer might surprise you.

The Perks of Central Air Conditioning

First, central air conditioning just makes the most sense for a wide variety of our customers. If the following points apply to you, then you’re probably better off with this system compared to others.

  • You’re on a strict budget. Central air conditioners are some of the most affordable cooling systems on the market when compared to other, more complex units like heat pumps and ductless mini splits.
  • You just want cooling. If you’ve already got a powerful heating system, then purchasing a heat pump would be redundant and most likely a waste of money. A central air conditioner can focus on cooling while your heater focuses on heating.
  • Your whole house requires attention. Central air conditioners, simply put, can cool your entire home efficiently. They don’t cool certain areas differently, but some homeowners don’t care.

Choosing a Heat Pump

What if you’re in the market for a heating and cooling system? Purchasing two systems at once can be a heavy burden on your wallet and scheduling those appointments can be a disaster.

Luckily, a heat pump has you covered. These systems, while still similar to a central air conditioner, can also provide your home with heating using the same technology. Think of how a central air conditioner works, but in reverse. This process is powerful and efficient, and depending on the specific system you get, it can easily meet the needs of your family throughout the entire year. This is a perfectly viable alternative to central AC.

Going Ductless

One of the most stark alternatives to central cooling is a ductless mini split system. Instead of using a central cooling unit with ductwork to distribute the cooled air, a mini split uses up to four air handlers mounted throughout your home to directly cool the air. These systems can be set to their own temperature threshold and are extremely efficient since they won’t lose any efficiency from leaky ducts.

These systems are also heat pumps so everything we discussed in the last few paragraphs can also be applied here. These are very different from central air conditioners, but they’re perfect for customers looking for something more customized.

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