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Serving Delaware,
& the Maryland Eastern Shore

Serving Delaware,
& the Maryland Eastern Shore

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Walk–in Cooler Services in Delaware and Maryland

Owning a restaurant or running a grocery means that you need far more refrigerated space than you would in a residential setting. The walk–in cooler is one of the most important pieces of equipment that you will require in such situations, and it is just as important that you schedule high–quality services as it is that you invest in quality equipment. You can find both when you work with the pros on our team, fortunately. There is no need to worry about subpar workmanship or novice technicians when you hire Atlantic Refrigeration & Air Conditioning, Inc. Our technicians have the training and experience they need to help you get the most out of your walk–in cooler. We also offer and service exceptional walk–in freezers for your convenience, so call today to learn more.

The commercial refrigeration experts at Atlantic Refrigeration & Air Conditioning, Inc offer quality repair, installation and other heating, cooling and refrigeration services throughout Kent, Sussex, Worcester and Wicomico counties.

Walk–in Cooler Installation and Replacement

The trick to getting a great performance from your walk–in cooler is really no trick at all. You just have to schedule your walk–in cooler installation with a qualified professional. To do so, you need only dial our number. When you entrust the installation of your commercial walk–in cooler or freezer to us, you can count on a dependable, efficient performance from your system. Let us know when you are ready to discuss you walk–in cooler installation needs. We’ll help you choose the best equipment for your needs, and we will ensure that it is installed with the skill and care that the job demands.

While commercial walk–in coolers and freezers are certainly built to last and are quite durable, they are not going to last forever. If you inherited old equipment with your business, or you have had your existing system for a very long time, it may behoove you to consider a walk–in cooler replacement. Many problems with your walk–in cooler or freezer can be repaired. A total breakdown, though, or frequent repair needs, may signal a time for a full on replacement.

Walk–in Cooler Repair and Maintenance

Be forewarned that any sign of trouble with your walk–in cooler may wind up being cause for concern. Even if it is not room temperature within, minor issues with your cooler can have some pretty serious consequences if left unaddressed. Cracked gaskets around the doors, for instance, can allow for heat transfer to take place, putting unnecessary strain on the cooler and increasing the risk of damage to your system. You may notice that there is water on the floor of your cooler, or that surrounding it. Even defective door handles can put the product therein at risk. It is far better to be safe than sorry, so schedule

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professional walk–in cooler or freezer repair at the first sign of trouble.

It is advisable that you allow a trained professional to provide you with routine commercial walk–in cooler maintenance, as this will allow for the early detection of problems as well as ensure that everything is in prime working condition. A little bit of maintenance can go a long way in keeping your system working properly. Allow the walk–in cooler experts at Atlantic Refrigeration & Air Conditioning, Inc the privilege of installing and servicing your walk–in cooler or freezer. We are happy to help your commercial venture succeed.

For professional walk–in cooler installation and service schedule an appointment online or request an estimate today.