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Serving Delaware,
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Serving Delaware,
& the Maryland Eastern Shore

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Indoor Air Quality Services in Delaware and Maryland

You likely think of temperature when considering comfort in your home. However, there is more to concern yourself with if you want to live in the true comfort that we believe all homeowners deserve. Your indoor air quality is just as important to your overall comfort, and it is often overlooked. If you have any concerns at all regarding the quality of the air in your home, just give our IAQ specialists a call. Atlantic Refrigeration & Air Conditioning, Inc has everything you need to boost air quality and to begin breathing better air in your living environment. We have a great selection of indoor air quality systems available, and we are certain that we can find the appropriate solution for any issues you may encounter.

The indoor air quality experts at Atlantic Refrigeration & Air Conditioning, Inc are ready to improve your homes indoor air in Delaware and Maryland.

Get to Know Your Indoor Air Quality Systems

The best advice that we can give you in terms of improving the air quality in your home is to work with a skilled, trained technician. The fact of the matter is that there are a number of different problems which may develop with your indoor air quality. The tricky thing is determining precisely what it is that you are up against, and then choosing the most appropriate indoor air quality system for the job. There is no point in using UV germicidal lights, for instance, if it is an air filtration system that you need. Regardless of the problems that you may encounter with your indoor air quality, the specialists we employ can evaluate your situation and find the right equipment needed to provide a comprehensive solution. Call today to learn more about improving indoor air quality with great indoor air quality systems.

Air Filtration Systems

One of the most common indoor air quality issues that homeowners face is the proliferation of airborne pollutants throughout their homes. With the right air filtration system in place, you can overcome this issue in order to boost air quality and to alleviate asthma and other respiratory systems. Let us help you understand the air filtration systems available for installation in your home.

Air Purifiers

In some cases, an air filtration system may not be enough to overcome issues with airborne pollutants. If you find yourself in just such a situation, an air purifier may be your best option. Electronic air purifiers give pollutants an electric charge, and the ionized pollutants adhere to a collector plate. This removes them from the air, and you won’t have to worry about breathing them in any longer.


Very dry air can have a number of serious consequences for both your property and your comfort. Do you often have bloody noses, suffer from dry, itchy skin, or find wooden furniture and fixtures splitting in your home? If so, a whole–house humidifier may be just what you need. Instill your air with the moisture necessary for healthful, comfortable living.


Having too much humidity in your air is just as troublesome as having too little. That is why you may need to consider the installation of a whole–house dehumidifier to dry things out a bit. Excessive humidity can lead to mold growth, water damage, and many other unsavory outcomes. Schedule service with us to get the dehumidifier you need.

UV Air Purifiers

Biological pollutants are a major concern for many homeowners. Clearly, mold spores and viruses are the types of substances you want dealt with swiftly. Let us install your UV germicidal lights to eliminate these threats to your health. Using safe amounts of UV radiation, such lamps can really clean up the air in your home.

Duct Sealing

Your air ducts have a major job to do: they distribute heated and cooled air throughout your entire home. This means that leaking air ducts can be the source of considerable energy loss, and can also allow pollutants into your HVAC system. Give us a call to schedule professional duct sealing if your air ducts are compromised.

Duct Testing

The trouble with determining if there is a problem with your ductwork is the fact that the vast majority of it is hidden from view. Never fear, though. If you suspect a problem with your air ducts, our duct testing experts have the tools and training to determine with certainty what, if any trouble, they suffer from.

Energy Recovery Ventilators (ERV)

Keeping your home well ventilated is a major priority, as poor ventilation can really drag down air quality. How does one do so without wasting heating and cooling energy, though? With an ERV, or energy recovery ventilator. These devices help to recover energy and moisture from the air during the ventilation process.

Heat Recovery Ventilators (HRV)

Are you trying to keep your home well ventilated in your home, while protecting energy efficiency at the same time? By passing incoming and outgoing air streams very near one another, and HRV, or heat recovery ventilator, can do just that. Contact the indoor air quality experts at Atlantic Refrigeration & Air Conditioning, Inc for more information.

Is the air quality in your home important to you? Schedule an appointment online or request an estimate.