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Utility Sink Service Company in Sussex County, DE

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A utility sink is a different from the standard sinks found in bathrooms and in the kitchen food-preparation area. Utility sinks have a larger capacity, a more powerful faucet, and are constructed of more durable materials. They’re often used for washing clothing, but can serve many other extensive cleaning jobs that don’t work for regular kitchen and bathroom sinks. Atlantic Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, Inc. provides complete utility sink services—installation, replacement, repair—for our customers.

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There are many uses for utility sinks: a professional workspace in your house, as part of a large kitchen, to aid with a hobby project, or in the garage. They can be a useful appliance for your home, but make sure you work with our plumbers for the best job. We’re a trusted name in Delaware.

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Utility Sink Installation

The two rooms in the house where a utility sink can come in most handy are the laundry room and the kitchen. A utility sink in the laundry room significantly expands your washing abilities so you can hand wash delicates and other items you don’t want to put through the wear of the laundry machine. Many people use their laundry room utility sink to bathe their pets and to wash out paint brushes—jobs you wouldn’t want to use with  other sinks.

A utility sink installation in the kitchen can increase how you use the space—and the modern utility sink doesn’t have to be an ugly "utilitarian" affair. Many modern utility sinks can be beautiful and match your kitchen’s decor. Other spaces where utility sinks can help you are in the garage if you often do work their and need an place to clean up, or in dedicated workspace areas. As the name implies, utility sinks have a wide range of uses. Just tell our plumbers what you need from your utility sink installation and we’ll see you get the best possible new sink in place. 

Utility Sink Repair 

Although utility sinks are built to stand plenty of wear and tear and heavy use, they can still crack or develop other problems, such as with the faucet. We don’t encourage our customers to try to repair their standard kitchen and bathroom sinks, so we certainly don’t recommend they try to go DIY with a utility sink fix. All it takes is a call to our plumbers and we’ll see your sink is returned to its original shape. 

Utility Sink Replacement

Are your ready to replace an old utility sink? Maybe it leaks too much, or you want to make changes to the space, or you’re looking to upgrade its look with one that’s more modern and sleek. We are the local plumbing experts serving Delaware to call. With our more than three decades of experience helping homeowners, you’ll know you can depend on us. Atlantic Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, Inc. takes pride in your comfort as well as your convenience, and that’s just what an excellent utility sink offers you.


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