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Why Commercial AC Maintenance is Critical for Your Business Costs

Technician is checking air conditioner

Your business runs into a lot of costs, but there’s a hidden one that you might not know about—the cost of not getting air conditioning maintenance. Repair costs are always a bill you don’t want to receive, so what if you could reduce the number of AC repairs your business faces?

When you get commercial air conditioning in Sussex County, DE, you should also have HVAC maintenance every six months to keep up on that shiny new system you had installed. Let’s talk about how maintenance can help you save money in the long run.

Technicians Identify Problems Before They Start

Maintenance serves as a point of inspection. A technician inspects all working parts on your air conditioning system, so that way they can know what’s working, what looks like it’s about to fail, and what’s barely hanging on.

That part may need to be replaced, sure, but it’s different than calling for a full repair. That’s because when one component breaks but your air conditioner still continues operation, that broken part affects the operability of other working parts. It starts a domino effect.

Cleaning Coils and Drains

Drains can clog just from mold and mildew growing in the condensate line, especially on commercial systems. These clogs don’t just get washed out: they cause issues with draining, and then water damage can occur in your commercial air conditioner.

The coils in your HVAC unit help dispel heat from your business, but they have a kryptonite: dust. When dust builds up on the outside of the coils, it acts as an insulator (and you don’t want your coils to be insulated). Then there’s a problem, because that warm air doesn’t reach the coils as well as it should, and it can lead to eventual freezing.

Safety Inspection

A trained technician can spot issues that could result in safety concerns for your staff and patrons. These could be electrical problems that lead to unexpected fires, refrigerant leaks that pose a risk of poison through contact, and more.

Your HVAC technician will understand how to ensure the safety of  your employees and customers by doing their due diligence when inspecting your air conditioning unit. You need a professional commercial air conditioner technician to help ensure safety in your establishment.

So How Does It Save Money?

Repairs cost more than maintenance every way you swing it. Getting maintenance on your system every six months accounts for the heavy use your unit goes through, but it also reduces the number of repairs. That means less broken components, less unexpected surprises, and fewer domino effect reactions that damage multiple components at once.

Schedule Commercial HVAC Maintenance Today

Keep your air conditioning system up and running to avoid breakdowns, prevent rising costs, and allow your business to continue operating without hiccups for your staff and guests. Schedule twice-yearly maintenance for your commercial system today.

Contact Atlantic Refrigeration & Air Conditioning, Inc. today to schedule your commercial air conditioner maintenance check as soon as possible so your business doesn’t have to deal with breakdowns anymore.

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