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Why Speak with a Professional Prior to Your Air Purifier Installation?

If you need to remove polluting particles from circulating through your home’s air, one of the best methods is to have an air purifier integrated into the HVAC system. Air purifiers work in different ways: the two most common are electronic air cleaners that use ionization to draw contaminating particles out of the air, and UV air purifiers that bathe the air passing through the ductwork with ultraviolet radiation that destroys bacteria, viruses, mold spores, and other biological hazards.

It’s important that you work with professionals when you want to improve your indoor air quality. Contact Atlantic Refrigeration: we offer professional indoor air purifier installation for Middletown, DE and the surrounding areas, as well as other ways of improving the air inside homes.

The main reason that you need to talk to an indoor air quality specialist before you commit to the installation of an air purifier is that you must make sure you have the right type of purifier to address the specific issues in your home. Only a professional will be able to determine what is polluting your air and the appropriate purifier to counteract it.

For example, if the air in your home is declining because of the presence of microbacteria inside the ventilation system, an air cleaner that uses ionization will not provide help. Ionization is excellent for eliminating small particles and gas and odor molecules, such as pesticides and smoke, but it isn’t effective against organic contaminants. A professional will be able to tell if you have a microbacterial issue in your HVAC system and recommend using a UV air purifier to combat it.

A professional will also know the right size of purifier to solve the problem. A system that is too small will not clean your air effectively, and one that is too large will drain excess power.

You must also rely on professionals beyond consulting on which model to install: you must let them handle the installation itself. This is the only way you can be certain that the system is doing its job correctly.

We have the training and tools to see that your home receives the right air purifier for its needs, or whatever IAQ solution will help you receive cleaner air. For air purifier installation in Middletown, DE, trust to our professionalism.

Contact Atlantic Refrigeration when you are thinking about improving your indoor air quality in Middletown, DE or the surrounding areas.

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