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Why We Recommend Regular Drain Cleaning—Not Just for Unclogging Drains!

Did you know that regular drain cleaning services are for more than just addressing tough clogs? Drain cleaning services offer a wide variety of benefits for your home and your family. We recommend you schedule the service annually for the best results.

If you need help with your plumbing in Sussex County, DE, our team is here to help. You can keep reading to learn more about the many benefits of scheduling regular drain cleaning services. Then give our team a call to schedule your appointment and stay ahead of plumbing problems, including tough drain clogs. 

Prevent Clogs

Preventing drain clogs is a big reason to schedule pipe cleaning. But not just for the reasons that you think. Drain clogs don’t just cause backups in your sinks and tubs. Drain clogs can actually also cause deterioration of your pipes and other plumbing fixtures. When you schedule regular drain cleaning services, you can prevent clogs from ever developing far enough to be damaging.

Extend Pipe Lifespan

By preventing clogs, you’re adding years of life to your pipes. Instead of your pipes corroding to have a shorter lifespan, yours can maintain a better overall condition and last longer. This may not seem like that big of a deal until you have to re-pipe your entire home. Putting off that project for as long as possible and getting the most life out of your current pipes as you can means that you have longer to prepare for such an extensive project when the time does come.

Reduce Mold and Bacteria

Pipes are the perfect place for mold and bacteria to spread and thrive. You may not think this has a huge affect on your house, but it does. The spores and bacteria can waft back up into your home if clogs do happen. 

Mold and bacteria can greatly reduce your indoor air quality and make it more likely that your family suffers from allergy symptoms or gets sick. But when you invest in regular drain cleaning services, you eliminate the mold and bacteria to give your plumbing system a fresh start.

Save on Future Repairs

Drain cleaning services aren’t just about keeping things clean. Drain cleaning services are also an opportunity for our team to inspect your pipes, connected fixtures, and the system as a whole. We will check to make sure that everything is working the way it should, and we can often can identify problems early and address them back up before they become major issues. 

Repairing a small problem is cheaper and easier than waiting for a problem to grow out of control. By addressing small problems during a drain cleaning service, you can save a lot of money over what you would spend on feature repairs.

At Atlantic Refrigeration & Air Conditioning, Inc., “We Take Pride in Your Comfort!” Call us for all your plumbing needs in Delaware and the Eastern Shore of Maryland.

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