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Pros and Cons of Water Softener Systems


Do you know if you have hard water? Here’s a quick way to tell: scale buildup on your fixtures, in your pipes, or on your dishes. A lot of homes have hard water, and while there are some benefits to it, we’re willing to bet that you’d benefit from a water softener system even more.

Let’s go through the pros and cons of water softener services in Sussex County, DE and see if they line up with what you want for your family.

Pro: Less Hair and Skin Damage

Hard water isn’t good for your skin and hair. The heavy presence of minerals in hard water can clog your pores even as you’re cleaning them, preventing your hair from releasing oils. It’s completely natural for your hair to release oil throughout the day, but if it can’t do that, your scalp gets itchy and uncomfortable.

The same happens across all of your skin. With soft water, you don’t run into this problem nearly as often. Soft water still contains minerals, but not as much as hard water.

Pro: Reduced Scale Buildup on Fixtures and Pipes

Scale builds on fixtures like your shower head, faucets, and your sink. You can also find scale buildup on dishes whether you wash them by hand or in a dishwasher. The softer your water is, the less buildup happens. This helps with scale buildup in your drainage pipes as well, reducing the chance of scale-related clogs and blockages.

Pro: May Prolong Water Heater Efficiency

Flushing out a water heater is important to its longevity, but you know what’s even better? Preventing immense mineral buildup right from the start. Hard water creates scale which can attach itself to the anode rod. It can also build in the bottom, gradually reducing the tank’s total capacity. Soft water doesn’t have the same level of minerals, so it’s easier on your water heater.

Con: Increases Sodium Levels

Soft water has more sodium. There’s enough that if you drink a lot of tap water, you can see increases in your blood pressure. This can be a big issue depending on consumption. If you already suffer from high blood pressure or similar issues, be wary of how much tap water you drink.

Unfortunately, using common filters like Brita pitcher filters don’t advertise removing salt from the water, so it’s something you really have to weigh before you get a water softener system.

Con: Increases Water Waste

Water softener systems vary, but on average, you can expect around 10% more water waste. This isn’t just bad for the environment, but it’s also bad for your wallet.

If you pay per gallon, as many households do, you will see an increase in your next bill and all subsequent bills afterwards. That’s an extra 100+ gallons of water per 1,000 gallons used. It’s definitely something to keep your eye on.

The Right Move for Your Family

Soft water benefits are a major improvement over hard water. It’s time to make the move and install a system that will improve your family’s quality of life. Beyond health, you’re not creating significant scale buildup in your pipes and on your fixtures. It’s a win-win almost every way you look at it.

Contact Atlantic Refrigeration & Air Conditioning, Inc. today to schedule a soft water system installation and start reaping the rewards.

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