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Schedule Your Spring AC Maintenance—Here’s Why


Are you ready for summer? We know we are—we’re ready to help everyone enjoy a great summer with air conditioning systems that work their best. We want to provide you with the most important service you can schedule for your AC: its annual spring maintenance tune-up and inspection.

We can’t emphasize enough how important regular maintenance is for an air conditioning system. This job helps prevent most repairs and breakdowns in an AC’s future and helps it to run at maximum efficiency and effectiveness. Like most maintenance jobs, it has to be done each year, and the only people who can do it are trained and licensed professionals. 

Why Maintenance Is Necessary Every Year

We understand that people get busy in the spring. It’s the season of cleaning and shifting over from winter to get ready the summer. But maintenance is one of the vital spring tasks you never want to let slide off your schedule. This is why we have our own maintenance program to simplify the job.

When you consider how much your AC runs each summer, you’ll get a sense of how much stress and strain it can accumulate. Motors will get dusty and lose lubrication. Coils will get dirty and become less efficient and absorbing and releasing heat. Fans won’t run as well and drain more power to work. Small problems will start to turn up that will gradually become bigger problems because no one inspected the system to check for them. It doesn’t take many missed annual maintenance appointments to start to have a big negative impact on your AC—one that you’ll feel both in comfort and expenses.

For example, on average an air conditioner will lose 5% of its efficiency rating each year because it wasn’t maintained. With maintenance, it’s almost the opposite: the AC will only lose 5% of its efficiency over most of its service life. The difference in what you’ll pay to run the air conditioner is enormous.

An air conditioner needs repairs around twice as often if it doesn’t have maintenance. This is because more than half of the malfunctions an AC encounters are due to lack of maintenance. By just sticking with maintenance, you wave away 50% or more of those repairs. As for the other repairs, technicians can catch them early during maintenance inspections.

The lifespan of your AC will suffer without routine cleanings and tune-ups. The average life expectancy of an AC is from 10 to 15 years, but that lifespan can fall by up to half if the unit isn’t maintained each year. 

Finally, lack of maintenance can void the equipment warranty on an air conditioner. You need to show proof of maintenance when arranging for repairs that the equipment warranty would cover. If you don’t have the proof, you’ll end up paying for a repair that the warranty would’ve covered.

To get started with air conditioning maintenance in Delaware, you only need to call us and sign up for our Maintenance Agreement Club. We’ll take it from there!

At Atlantic Refrigeration & Air Conditioning, Inc., “We Take Pride in Your Comfort!” Contact us today to schedule AC maintenance or find out more about our Maintenance Agreement Club.

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