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Upgrade Your Air Conditioner for the Spring

Air conditioners in Bucks and Montgomery Counties are working hard this time of year!

The weather’s taken a turn for the stormy of late here in Delaware: a potent reminder that spring is just around the corner. Now is the time to give your air conditioner a good look and determine whether you’d like to make an improvements or additions before the warm weather begins in earnest. In most cases, this should include a maintenance session from a qualified service technician, and perhaps a repair call if there’s a lingering problem that you need to address.

But there are steps you can take even if your air conditioning systems is functioning as expected. Upgrades to your existing system cost much less than replacing your air conditioner does, and the difference they can make both to the AC itself and your household comfort levels is quite extraordinary. Such upgrades can include:


When relative humidity levels rise above 50% or so, the air contains too much moisture for the sweat to evaporate off of your skin. That makes the air feel hotter and can lead to a number of problems such as the growth of mold and bacteria in your home. Air conditioners can deal with the problem, but they’re not set up to address high humidity levels and the added strain can result in higher bills and breakdowns. A whole-house dehumidifier can tailor humidity levels to match your comfort needs, creating a more pleasant home sand reducing strain on your air conditioning system in the bargain.

Zone Control Systems

Centralized air conditioners rely on a series of ducts to do their job. A zone control system installs a series of shutters in the ducts that divide your home into section. You can thus set the temperature of each section separately from the rest of the house, or even turn off the cool air in parts of the home you aren’t using. That can save a great deal of money on monthly air conditioning costs, as well as lowering the strain on the system and the monthly cost of running your air conditioner.


Thermostats have few moving parts and can often last for decades or more. The one downside to that equation is that you can often miss exciting developments in the fields. New smart thermostats can adjust to fit your cooling habits – saving money in the process – while others provide remote control using an app in your phone. They can make a huge difference in the bottom line and are easy for a professional to install properly.

Energy Recovery Ventilators

These systems are placed in the attic and can be used to swap stale air in your home out with fresh air from the outside. In addition to improving the atmosphere in your household, it can help ease the strain on your air conditioner, reducing bills in the process. Over time, that can add up to quite a bit.

Every home in Seaford, DE is unique and upgrades like these should be tailored to fit your unique circumstances. If you’d like to see an upgrade to your system, call the pros at Atlantic Refrigeration & Air Conditioning, Inc. today.


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