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3 Big Signs Your Commercial Heater Needs to Be Repaired

Your commercial heating system fires off warning signals to let you know that it’s in dire need of repair. It hasn’t given out yet, but without proper care, it will. Let’s run through three of the biggest signs that you need commercial heating repair in Sussex County, DE.

Your Heating Bill Is Through the Roof

Your heating bill just went up, and you have no idea why. It’s not by a few dollars, either—it’s a fairly substantial amount. You don’t touch the thermostat in your commercial building, and it stays at an even heat most of the time, so what gives?

There could be any myriad of reasons behind this, though the most likely culprit is some form of damage to your commercial heating system. This can also be wear and tear that just happens over time, but if the spike is sudden and you can’t see a trend of steadily increasing bills over a few months or more, it’s likely to be damage that requires immediate repair.

Customers and Staff Complain About It Being Cold

Even if you don’t feel much of a difference, when your customers and staff start complaining, it’s time to take a look into what’s wrong. While some days are just harder to heat your business and it’s not an immediate indicator of a failing heater, a few days in a row show that there’s a bigger problem.

Your commercial heating system has a big range of how much it can heat, so outside of extreme foot-traffic or record-breaking low temperatures, the problem is likely coming from your heater.

Odd Noises or Smells

Your heater isn’t supposed to make weird sounds that have you questioning whether or not it should even be on in the first place. When your heater makes odd noises, such as metal clanking or loud booms that you normally don’t hear, it could be one of a few things:

  • Popping: This sound means your burners might be dirty and in need of cleaning, or excessive amounts of gas are in the chamber and you’re hearing the combustion of those gasses.
  • Squealing: This happens when parts lose lubrication and scrape against each other, which adds tension and friction to the working parts of your heater. It won’t be long until something breaks down.
  • Clicking: This could be due to dying motor bearings, or electrical issues within the heater. There are a few potential problems, and none of them are minor.

Let’s Get That Commercial Heater Sorted

You can’t wait for customers and staff to complain about it being too cold in your business: you need your commercial heater repaired before it ever gets to that level. Let’s help you with your commercial heater today so you don’t have to worry about your business tomorrow. It all starts with a phone call.

Contact us today to schedule your commercial heating repair as soon as possible.

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