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3 Things You Should Pay Attention to During Heater Installation

When you’re getting a new heater installed, you should pay attention to the process as best you can. While you’ve done your due diligence and made sure you hired installation technicians who know what they’re doing, it can’t hurt to pay attention as a check-and-balance system. But what do you look for?

During heating installation in Sussex County, DE, there are three things we want you to pay attention to so you can know you’re getting the absolute best service possible.

Make Sure the Heater Is the Right Size (During Pre-Installation Appointment)

You’ll have a pre-installation appointment before your heater is actually put into place and ready to roll. During this appointment, your technician will help you find the right heater based on your total square footage of your living space. That’s an important step, because otherwise you end up with one of two major problems.

If your heater is too small, it will struggle to heat your home. It may still heat your home to the target temperature, but it will take longer to get there, and with much more strain on your system than necessary. This also means you’re spending more on your energy bills when you really shouldn’t have to.

When the heater is too big, it uses more power to run, but if it’s bigger than your house truly needs, then there’s no point in doing that. Sure, your home may heat up faster, but it’s at a great cost that you can see on your energy bill each month. The only reason you would install a heating system that’s too big is if you’re planning a home expansion in the next 12–24 months, and you’re trying to be proactive about it. Otherwise, bigger is not better.

Double-Check Manufacturer Installation Specifications

Your heater has to be installed in a particular way, and it has to be done by technicians. This sounds like an excuse to always hire technicians, but in nearly every heater warranty terms and agreements section, it lists the same thing.

This is because they want to know the heater was installed by qualified individuals so that, in the event that you have to call in that warranty, they can know beyond a shadow of a doubt that it’s a legitimate reason and not at the fault of homeowners who aren’t familiar with the equipment and may have installed it improperly.

Install Insulation If You Don’t Have Enough

When the old heater comes out, you get a look at what’s in the ceiling and in the walls. Insulation doesn’t last forever, so even if there’s insulation there, it might need to be taken out and replaced with newer, more energy-efficient insulation.

This is extremely important because it affects how your ductwork maintains heat. Without insulation, small amounts of heat are lost from it traveling through your ductwork when there’s nothing to keep it in. Yes, the duct material itself helps keep most of the heat in, but insulation handles the rest.

Installation Day is Fast Approaching

If you don’t want to worry about all of this, you need to hire an HVAC installation company that knows what they’re doing and puts your comfort above all else. That’s exactly what we’re here for–call us today and we’ll get everything going as soon as possible. It’s time to get your heating system installed.

Contact us today to schedule your heater installation as soon as possible.

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