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Choosing the Right Type of Air Conditioning for Your Commercial Installation

Your business has to be cool for your customers, but how you do that is up in the air. There’s a few different methods, and you can choose the one that works best for your business.

Not sure what type of commercial AC sounds right for your business? Let’s help you run through the options before you call for commercial air conditioning installation in Sussex County, DE.

Central Air Conditioning

It’s the AC that you most likely have in your home already. Ductwork runs from the air conditioning system through various parts of your business, then those connect to vents.

It’s called central AC because it’s a centralized source. These systems help you cool your entire business down with the flick of a switch (so to speak). But it’s not the only option.

While central AC is great for many businesses with tons of space, such as warehouses or buildings with large rooms, there are other ways to cool your business that may be a bit more to your liking.

Split Air Conditioning

Smaller commercial settings, like an office or a small storefront, could benefit from split air conditioning instead. Whereas central AC can help cool big areas, split systems are used to temperature control smaller areas.

They’re also energy efficient, so you don’t have to endlessly pump cool air into a space to cool it off. That’s one of the problems with central AC—those machines are effective, but split AC is more efficient.

These small units can be installed in various areas of your business. They don’t rely on ductwork, so there’s less to install and maintain. This is ideal for smaller businesses that still need a commercial cooling option.

VRF Systems

A variable refrigerant flow system feels like a hybrid of the other two options we’ve discussed, but they’re definitely their own thing. VRF systems have one major outdoor unit, just like central AC systems do.

But they connect to multiple indoor units with direct lines of refrigerant. The word variable refers to the fact that these units only circulate the bare minimum amount of refrigerant needed to perform the action, whether during a heating or cooling period.

While the difference may sound negligible, the small differences matter. These systems are great in commercial environments where space is key and you don’t want to waste it. There’s no ductwork to worry about or care for.

So Which Option Is Best?

It depends on your specific commercial needs. While we can’t tell you what the best option is over a blog post, we can help by scheduling an appointment to have a technician size a unit that would work best for you, and provide feedback based on your current commercial setup.

It’s Up to You

The power is in your hands: which commercial AC system will you choose? We’ll help you size the right unit for your business and set up twice-annual maintenance on top of it so you don’t have to worry about it breaking down on you constantly. Let’s get started today, because your business can’t wait.

Contact us today to schedule air conditioning service as soon as possible.

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