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Your AC Repair Problem Could Be a Little Fan Sensor Like This

Your air conditioner runs, and it runs, and it doesn’t stop. You can feel air coming out of the vents, but it’s not cold—it’s just a little cool. What’s going on?

The house temperature isn’t dropping enough for the thermostat to signal to the air conditioner that it can shut down now. And the issue could be a little sensor inside your AC that’s acting haywire.

It’s something you need AC repair in Sussex County, DE for, that much is certain, but when you learn what it is, you’ll be surprised that it can cause that much disruption.

You Have a Sensor on Your AC Blower Motor

It’s called the blower motor resistor. In electronics, resistors do what you’d expect: they resist. In this case, they resist and regulate power being given to the blower motor.

When your blower motor runs, it pushes the cool air in your air conditioner through the ductwork in your home. Then that air comes through the vents and cools down your home.

But … what if the blower motor isn’t working properly? Usually this means it would be making the air come out faster, and that wouldn’t really make the air warmer.

Instead, it’s not pushing the cold air out with enough force. Without enough force to reach the end of your ductwork, it may not cool down rooms that are far away from the air conditioner where the air is actually cooled.

It Helps Cool Air Stay Cool

If your resistor isn’t functioning properly, then it could be resulting in warmer air coming through your vents. Your AC spends electricity, and the byproduct of that is heat. Not all of that heat leaves the air conditioner in a perfect way—some of it is left behind.

When that happens, a device called a heat sink helps soak up some of that heat so it doesn’t impact the air that’s being sent through your ductwork. That resistor has a heat sink built into it.

Because energy travels through the resistor, it needs a heat sink to help offset that byproduct. If this fails, it can make it harder for your air conditioner to cool your home.

Can You Replace It Yourself?

While it’s possible, it’s very difficult to do if you don’t have any prior experience fixing HVAC equipment. Many homeowners seek to do it themselves to save on labor costs. However, this isn’t one of the more expensive parts of an air conditioner to replace.

Schedule Repair Now

That little blower motor resistor can do a lot more than you think. While it’s not as bad as a compressor going out, it’s still crucial to get it repaired so you don’t overwork your air conditioner. Who knew such a small component could cause such a fuss? Give us a call as soon as possible and we’ll assess the situation to see if it’s a sensor or another issue entirely.

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