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Consider a Radiant Heating System

The autumn months are a good time to assess the current state of your heater and decide if you need a new one. If your current heater needs replacing, you might want to consider an alternative model such as a radiant heating system. It’s not right for every home, but older Bridgeville, DE houses that can’t support a traditional duct system could benefit from it, as can any home interested in saving a little money. Here’s how it all works.

Through the Floor

Radiant heat relies on a series of tubes and coils placed beneath the floorboards of your home. Liquid is pumped through the coils — usually heated water — which sends warm temperatures flowing upward directly through your feet and the furniture. (Radiant heat is heat that travels directly┬ávia a warm object rather than indirectly through blown, heated air.) It can cost more to install, since you need to remove the floorboards of your house. In exchange, however, the system provides a number of huge advantages:

  • Lower Costs. Because you’re not losing heat through the ducts, and because it conveys heat more effectively than the baseboards used by boilers and radiators, radiant heating tends to cost less to run than other forms of heating. That means lower monthly bills, on average, than other types of heating.
  • No Breezes. There’s no forced air in radiant heating, which eliminates issues like cross-breezes, drafts, and cold spots, as well as reducing the spread of germs and cold bugs through the air.
  • Durability. Because radiant heating uses fewer moving parts and because so much of it is hidden from sight, it tends to last much longer and regular fewer repairs than other types of heating. That grants it a durability that will serve your home well through the years to come.

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