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What You’re Missing By Not Having a UV Air Purifier

Your home’s air quality is worse than you realize. Your air conditioner’s filter does a good job at capturing some dust and debris, but it goes beyond simple dust. One of the reasons we offer UV air purifier services in Sussex County, DE in the first place is because we know how these problems can scale for our customers and community members. Here’s what a UV air purifier does to help.

It Purifies Your Air

While your respiratory system is designed to handle debris and some amount of bacteria that enter your lungs, its waste system only has so much capacity. Just because your body knows how to handle a lot of problems with bad indoor air quality doesn’t mean that it should be put into a stress test every day.

A UV air purifier helps reduce strain on your respiratory system by eliminating mold spores, microorganisms, and even viruses. The result? Unimpaired quality air that helps you stay healthy.

Enhanced Allergy Relief

Allergens get into your home one way or another, and while you may not suffer from allergies, guests or other members of your family might. Allergens get into your home in many ways, but some are also created there, such as dust and mold spores.

Allergens are essentially rendered useless by ultraviolet light. While the physical particles may still be in the air, the UV light damages the particulate matter to the point that they are no longer harmful.

Reducing the Chance of Respiratory Infections

Viruses and bacteria can infect your indoor air quality, eventually making their way into your lungs and getting you sick. These illnesses can range from the common cold to respiratory infections, which have a varying scale of severity. You want to avoid them at all costs whenever you can.

UV light kills the bacteria inside of the particulate matter that carries viruses and bacteria. Even if the particles aren’t captured by a HEPA filter and they re-enter your air supply, they’re no longer harmful and won’t get you sick.

Eliminates Odor-Causing Bacteria

Some bacteria, such as mold spores, cause nasty odors that make your home unpleasant. The main problem is that many of these odor-causing bacteria are also able to get you sick, and by the time you smell them, there’s a large enough presence of that bacteria to be a real problem.

It’s important to have the right expectations. UV light does not fight against VOCs, such as smoke or fumes from paint. While these are powerful, they are not a fix-all solution for every odor you may experience in your home.

Let’s Install Your UV Air Purifier Today

Now that you know what a UV air purifier does for your home, it’s time to take care of your home’s indoor air quality by installing one. Call us today or fill out the form on our website and we’ll run you through the process of getting one installed.

Contact us today to schedule your UV air purifier services as soon as possible.

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