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The Bigger Benefits: Furnaces vs. Heat Pumps

If it’s time to install a new heater in your home, you may be deciding between a furnace or a heat pump. Each one of these systems has its own unique pros and cons. It really comes down to making the selection that best fits your family’s unique needs.

You can keep reading to learn more about the pros and cons of both furnaces and heat pumps. Then you can give our team a call to schedule an in-home assessment to help you decide between furnace vs heat pump in Sussex County, DE.

Pros and Cons of a Furnace

Furnaces are a great heating option because they are completely dedicated to warming your home up. Whether you choose a gas or electric model, a furnace has a single purpose, and that is producing heat. Each different model has its own individual pros and cons. 

While an electric furnace is cheaper to install, it can cost a little bit more to operate on a monthly basis when you calculate energy costs. A gas furnace is the opposite. Gas furnaces cost a little bit more upfront for installation, but they heat up very quickly, so they can cost less on your monthly energy bills.

Pros and Cons of a Heat Pump

A heat pump is beneficial because it offers both heating and cooling within a single system. When you invest in a heat pump, you can eliminate the need for separate air conditioning and heating units. Heat pumps are also known to be highly efficient, especially when it comes to heating. This is because heat pumps transfer heat energy from the outside into your home.

Even when it is cold outside, there is still heat in the air that can be absorbed by the refrigerant in a heat pump and transferred into your home for warmth. You do have to consider that only certain heat pumps work in our region. 

You want to invest in either a cold weather heat pump or a dual-fuel system. A cold weather heat pump offers a more heating power. A dual-fuel heat pump has a small add-on furnace to help with heating as temperatures drop lower.

Choosing a Heater

Selecting a heater for your home comes down to preference. You have to think about your heating expectations and select a model that meets your needs. Think about the kind of heater that you already have and the things that you like or do not like about it. You can talk to our team and we can answer your questions and help you select a new heater. 

Keep in mind that no matter what type of heater you choose, you want to make sure it’s an energy-efficient model. Furnaces have AFUE ratings and heat pumps have a different rating for heating (HSPF) and cooling (SEER) since they offer both. Our team can help walk you through your options so that you can get a heater that will serve your family well for the next 10 to 15 years.

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