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Types of Commercial Reach-In Coolers to Choose From

Starting or renovating a new company that needs a commercial kitchen or supermarket equipment is exciting, but also involves many time consuming decisions. The layout of the space is of concern first and foremost, as the arrangement of your store or kitchen will determine what products you can stock. And some of the most expensive equipment in your business that you’ll rely on for storage and display purposes are part of the commercial refrigeration system.

Choosing a commercial reach-in cooler in Ocean City, MD can be difficult since there are so many different varieties to choose from. But when you speak with the friendly technicians at Atlantic Refrigeration, they can help you plan where display cases and coolers are best suited for installation and which of the following styles or models are most appropriate.

  • Solid Door or Glass Door Cooler: You may choose a cooler with a solid door as opposed to a glass door if you only plan to use the unit in a commercial kitchen or storage area rather than as part of a display. Either way, there are generally numerous sizes and layouts you may choose from as well as variable temperature settings.
  • Self-Contained System: While most refrigeration equipment is hooked up to the central refrigeration piping, a few display cases (such as those that store soda at the check-out line) may be self-contained, rejecting heat into the immediate area rather than at a rooftop condenser or cooling tower.
  • Sliding Door: A sliding door is usually ideal for areas in which there is limited space or in order to suit your design needs.
  • Dual Temperature: Dual temperature coolers allow for refrigeration and freezing in separate cabinets.
  • Open Deck: Open deck coolers were once considered ideal for marketing purposes, but new studies show that they may not stimulate sales as much as it was once believed. Closed cases are far more efficient, while open display cases can actually affect the temperature inside of the store nd eave customers feeling uncomfortable.
  • Deli Cases and Other Display Options: Finally, you can choose from a variety of case styles designed for different purposes, such as cases designed to display meat, produce, and milk, single-deck cases or multi-deck cases.

The commercial experts at Atlantic Refrigeration are your go-to source for professional installation and expertise about reach-in coolers in Ocean City, MD. Give us a call today!

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