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HVAC, Indoor Air Quality, Refrigeration Services in Ocean View, DE

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We are your residential and commercial HVAC and refrigeration company in Ocean View, DE. We want to make certain that your heating and cooling system is adequately sized and that it is installed correctly throughout your home. Our HVAC contractors in Ocean View are trained and experienced enough to do just that. Whether you’re looking for a new furnace, boiler, central AC, dehumidifier, air filtration system, freezer, or refrigerator, or you current HVAC equipment needs immediate repair or maintenance, we can help. We specialize in such services so give us a call today to learn more about what we can do for you.

Contact Atlantic Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, Inc. for residential and commercial HVAC service in Ocean View, DE.

We Will Take Care of Your Air Conditioning System

From day one, your air conditioner is subject to the wear and tear that comes from constant operation during the summer months. Your outdoor unit will be subject to a variety of different climate changes and incoming debris, and your indoor unit will not be spared entirely from such particles either. Moreover, like any mechanical system, operation is only as consistent as the materials and parts are well–built and properly installed. That’s what makes hiring a professional technician so important to the success of your whole–house central air conditioner, ductless mini split, or heat pump. As a leading provider of air conditioning services in Ocean View, we’re here for you.

We Specialize in Air Conditioning Repair

When you hire our team of technicians to take care of your air conditioner, you know that the job will be done properly and with exceptional customer service. We know how important it is to make certain that your entire household is cooled evenly and efficiently, and we’re here to solve any issues that your AC may be having. Contact us for air conditioning repair in Ocean View, DE.

What Is Geothermal Heating and Cooling?

If you find that you’d like to improve the energy efficiency of your household, then you may want to look to the ground beneath your feet. Geothermal heating and cooling systems are ground–source heat pumps, which mean they utilize the moderate temperature of the earth below the surface of the ground to heat and cool your space. Call us for details.

What Type of Heating Service Do You Need?

Every home needs a reliable heating system, though the specific needs of your household will vary significantly from those around you. There are plenty of factors to take into consideration: the square footage of your household as well as the quality of its insulation, in addition to how much money you can actually spend on this piece of equipment, and your energy efficiency goals. To do it right takes the experience and expertise of a trained professional. We’re happy to oblige you. All you have to do is get in touch with our team of professionals.

We Install and Service Furnaces

If you want a whole–house heating system whose power and efficiency will ensure that your family remains comfortable no matter how cold it may get this winter, then reach out to our friendly technicians. We will make certain that your gas or electric furnace matches the power of your home. Let us take care of your furnace installation or replacement. We also repair and maintain such systems.

Who Needs Boiler Repair?

It can be a challenge to figure out whether your boiler is just operating as usual or actually needs a tune–up. We offer exceptional boiler repair throughout the Ocean View area, which means that we will arrive quickly at your home with a solution in hand. Once we diagnose the issue, we can set about fixing it immediately so that your comfort is restored.

Indoor Air Quality Is Absolutely Critical

If you’re not taking the necessary steps to actively improve the quality of the air that you breathe inside the home, then you might want to get in touch with our team. We will make certain that your indoor air quality is improved by means of a number of different options, including humidifiers and dehumidifiers, air filtration systems and UV air purifiers. Such systems will be installed directly within your ductwork, so that you can take full advantage of this technology if you already operate a furnace or central air unit. Contact Atlantic Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, Inc. today for indoor air quality solutions in Ocean View, DE.

Dry Air? Try a Humidifier

And we’re not referring to the portable models that you can buy at any hardware store. We offer whole–house humidifiers that can be installed directly within your air ducts so that they will operate whenever your HVAC system does, and can be controlled by means of a humidistat. Let us find one that works for you.

We Offer Dehumidifiers for Installation

High moisture content within the home can be a real detriment to your daily tasks around the household. If it feels like you’re walking through swamp–like conditions, then it’s time to take action, be it the winter or summer. A whole–house dehumidifier installed and serviced by our technicians is just what you need.

Consider an Air Purifier for Your Home

Why? Frankly, it’s the only way to make certain that your entire indoor air space is thoroughly "scrubbed" clean. When we install one of these powerful devices within your air ducts, you can rest assured that it will be done so correctly. You’ll be breathing cleaner, better–smelling air in no time at all.

We Offer Commercial HVAC Services

Whether you’re desperately looking for a new commercial heating and cooling system to ensure that your customers are kept comfortable year–round, or you want to make certain that your existing system is thoroughly cleaned, inspected, and tuned–up on a regular basis, we can assist you. Our commercial HVAC repair, maintenance, replacement, and installation services are available throughout the Ocean View, DE area. We want nothing less than your complete satisfaction, and we can make certain that you have just that. Let our dedicated technicians know what you need.

Need a Commercial Air Conditioning Service?

Are you concerned with your commercial air conditioner? Are you worried about its efficiency? Are you in the market for a new commercial AC? We can assist you. We offer exceptional commercial air conditioning services throughout this community, and we can provide you with installation, replacement, repair, and maintenance.

We Service all Makes and Models