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HVAC, Refrigeration, and Indoor Air Quality Services in Selbyville, DE

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Are you ready to replace your older air conditioning or heating system and upgrade to a high-efficiency unit? Are you concerned about the noises coming from your central heating and air system? Are you a business owner looking for a new commercial refrigeration system? These are just some of the services Atlantic Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, Inc. can help out with. Our HVAC Contractors been in the industry for many years, and we are able to help with all of your residential and commercial HVAC, indoor air quality, and refrigeration needs. From walk-in freezers to air filters to boilers, we service all of the systems that keep your home or business running smoothly and comfortably.

Give us a call and see why customers in the Selbyville, DE area return to us for HVAC services again and again!

Expert Air Conditioning Technicians

When your air conditioning system is not running properly, put air conditioning services in the hands of professionals. Call someone who has trained for years in air conditioning installation and maintenance if you want to see the issue resolved properly and promptly. The average homeowner would likely spend more time and hassle attempting to solve an AC issue on their own than they would by calling a technician. Call a trained AC technician with years of experience instead; just get in touch with us!

Air Conditioning Repair

A sudden AC system breakdown in the middle of summer can turn into a major issue, especially if you have small children or elderly family members in the home. That’s why we offer 24-hour emergency air conditioning repair to homeowners in the Selbyville, DE area. As soon as you notice issues with your air conditioning system, call our skilled technicians to come repair the issue as quickly as possible.

Geothermal Heating and Cooling

If you’re looking for an efficient new heating and cooling installation, we’ve got some excellent options for your home, including a new geothermal system. Geothermal heating and cooling systems use the heat energy of the earth to start a thermodynamic process for heating and cooling a home, a more efficient method than using the air. Call our team for more information or to schedule services.

Heating Services from Quality Professionals

We are the people to call when you need heating installation, fast heating repair, or routine maintenance services. We have experience on all different types and sizes of heaters, including residential and commercial units. This includes boilers, gas furnaces, electric furnaces, heat pumps, geothermal systems, and more. If your whole-home heating system needs service, trust our professionals, who have been in the industry for many years. Call our friendly team today!

High-Efficiency Furnaces

We install and service high-efficiency gas and electric furnaces in the Selbyville, DE area. Does your furnace seem to be slowing down in performance and efficiency? Have you noticed strange noises coming from the unit or from the vents? Just call us to find out if your system needs replacement or to get quality repair and maintenance services for your heater.

Boiler Repair Services

One of the most effective heating systems available for homes and businesses is the boiler, but it’s also one of the most difficult to service. While these heating systems tend to be tough and durable, they will fail at some point in time. When your boiler runs into trouble, you can count on us to get there quickly and do the job properly.

Indoor Air Quality 

We have whole-home systems that help to control allergens like mold spores and dust mites. We have air filtration systems that can trap many of the major sources of pollution in your air. We also carry electronic air purifiers that use ionization to eliminate even more of the smallest airborne contaminants, or UV lights to kill and sterilize bacteria and viruses. If you are interested in creating a better home environment for you and your family members, call our team to learn more about the systems we service.

We Have Whole-Home Humidifiers

If you are relying on a portable humidifier in the winter to keep you comfortable, you’re missing out on an opportunity to keep your whole home more comfortable. Whole-house humidifiers make it easier to alleviate the discomfort caused by dry air, since they work with your home’s HVAC system. These systems can help you recover from illnesses quickly and they prevent dry skin and other ailments caused by dry air.

The Advantages of Whole-Home Dehumidifiers

Dehumidifiers keep people more comfortable in humid conditions, especially whole-home models. Removing some of the moisture in the air can help you stay cool in the summer, potentially lowering your monthly air conditioning costs. Additionally, a whole-home dehumidifier could prevent mold from developing in your living space.

Our Air Purifier Selection

Some of the air purifiers we install use ionization to charge particles so that they cling to another surface of an opposite charge, such as the curtains in your home or a set of metal plates in the air purifier system. We also install UV air purifiers, which are effective because UV light kills off bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms.

Commercial HVAC in Selbyville, DE

Looking for quality commercial HVAC services in the Selbyville, DE area? Look no further than our experienced team. We offer commercial air conditioning and heating installation and repairs, as well as refrigeration services. So, if you need to replace your commercial boiler, we can do that for you. If your commercial air purifier doesn’t seem to be doing the job the right way, we can provide a replacement for you. Or if your walk-in freezer is heating up, we can get there quickly to make the repairs. Just give us a call!

We Have Commercial Air Conditioning Specialists on Staff

Our commercial specialists can handle systems of all sizes and models. We have the expertise necessary to diagnose a sick system quickly, and our experts can install a new high-efficiency unit as well. We also provide routine maintenance services that prevent commercial units from breaking down on the days you need them the most. Just call Atlantic Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, Inc. for expert services in Selbyville, DE today!

We Service all Makes and Models