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2 Thermostat Myths that Need to Be Dispelled

Your thermostat is the control board for your entire heating and air conditioning system: simple to use, reliable and able to deliver a precise amount of control over your air conditioner with just the touch of a button. Yours could be your best friend this summer in Dover, DE, when temperatures are expected to climb and you need your system to perform at its best. And yet a number of myths persist with thermostats that can end up costing you far more than they should this summer. Dispelling those myths could not only lower your cooling bills, but save your air conditioner a lot of strain.

Myth #1: Setting a Lower Temperature Cools Your House Faster

There’s a certain logic to assuming that setting your thermostat to, say, 68 degrees will cool your house more quickly than setting it to 72. But it’s wrong. Unless you have a variable speed fan in your air conditioner, the cool air comes out at the same temperature and blows at the same speed anytime the system is on. The thermostat setting simply determines how long the system runs before shutting off again. Deliberately setting the temperature lower doesn’t gain you anything and often costs you in unnecessary bills.

Myth #2: Running the Air Conditioner All Day Is Better than Cooling Down a Hot House

Air conditioners use exponentially more energy starting up and shutting down than they do simply running. When the heat rises in the afternoon, it can be tempting to turn it on in the cool of the morning and leave it running all day. Again, this is a huge mistake. Running the AC for eight hours a day costs much more than setting a timer to turn it on twenty minutes before you get home at night. Your house will be just as cool and you won’t waste money keeping an empty house cool.

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