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Why Would I Need Duct Sealing Services?

Ducts are an indispensable part of our air conditioning system and with summer here in Seaford, DE, they need to function as effectively as the air conditioner itself. But because they’re tucked out of sight so often in the attic or behind the walls, we rarely think about the problems they may be suffering. Duct sealing services are available when breaches arise in the duct system. But why is that necessary, and what happens to the air conditioner when breaches appear in your ducts?

Causes of Breaches

Ducts are usually protected from damage, since they’re hidden from sight and usually out of mind. But damage can occur form time to time. Rodents and pests in your walls can make a dent or a breach, as can ancillary damage from repairs or maintenance on other parts of your house. The most common breaches, however, are simple wear and tear, especially on the connections between two sections of ducts. If bolts or fittings wear out, it could cause a breach.

Why that’s a Problem

It’s a problem because a breach does one of two things: it pulls conditioned air out of your system or it pulls unconditioned air in. Either way, that dilutes the air your system spent a lot of energy getting to a certain temperature. As a result, your air isn’t as cool as it needs to be, your air conditioner works harder to do its job, bills go up, and the chances of a serious breakdown increase.

Spotting the Problem

Spotting a breach in your ducts can be tough, but you should look for changes in the air temperature coming out of your vents, cold or warm spots on your walls, whistling or humming in weird spots, or unexpected rises in your monthly bills. When that happens, a trained technician can pinpoint the spot, and get the problem fixed as quickly as possible.

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