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Avoid Conditioning Repairs This Summer With This One Trick!


Dealing with a broken or malfunctioning air conditioning system is a pain, especially when you should be able to enjoy summer weather and relax. That’s what summer should be all about—but a faulty AC can drain away everything relaxing about a summer day.

We have a simple trick to keep away repairs. Maybe not every single one, but the majority of them. It’s so simple, we almost feel a bit silly saying it, but here it is… 

Schedule professional spring air conditioning maintenance.

We bet a few of you were already ahead of us on that. If you’ve worked with us before, you know how important regular air conditioning maintenance is and how much we recommend all our customers have it done. We designed our Maintenance Agreement Club to make getting this job done each spring even easier for our valued customers. 

If you aren’t a member already, sign up today and get on the schedule for your AC maintenance. You’ll start reaping the benefits right away.

Does this really prevent repair problems?

Absolutely! This isn’t just a claim we make: numerous studies of HVAC equipment shows that the majority of repairs a system may need, heater or AC, are due to a lack of regular maintenance. 

A central air conditioner is a complex refrigeration device, and like any mechanical system, it wears down over time due to strains on its components. This leads to parts breaking and needing to be either repaired or replaced. During maintenance, technicians perform various tasks that alleviate the stress on an AC and make checks to find where problems may be starting that can be fixed early. Below are a few common repair problems that maintenance either prevents or catches early:

  • Leaking refrigerant lines. Technicians always check on refrigerant pressure.
  • Burnt-out motors. During maintenance, technicians lubricate the moving parts of motors and test amperage.
  • Failed compressor. Strain on the compressor is one of the most common causes of the entire air conditioning system needing to be replaced. Proper care for it can keep an AC running for many years longer. 
  • Condensate drain issues. Technicians look over the drain to ensure it isn’t developing clogs or coming loose. 
  • Condenser and evaporator coil problems. Technicians will clean the coils when necessary.

There are many more benefits

Avoiding repairs is only one of the benefits of regular maintenance. Here are the other big advantages:

  • Extend the service life of the AC so it doesn’t fail years too early.
  • Prevent the energy efficiency from declining and unnecessarily raising utility bills.
  • Keep the manufacturer’s warranty valid. 
  • Ensure highest cooling capacity and reliability. 

Our Maintenance Agreement Club goes even further: it offers you special benefits, such as priority scheduling so you can jump to the front of the line. You’ll also have 24/7 emergency service.

If you want to avoid AC repair in Delaware this summer and enjoy great performance from your cooling system, get in touch with our team today. 

At Atlantic Refrigeration & Air Conditioning, Inc., “We Take Pride in Your Comfort”! Schedule air conditioning maintenance today. 

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