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Benefits of Ductless Air Conditioning

Summers in Lewes, DE are hot and humid, which makes an air conditioning system far more than a luxury. Most of us assume that means a centralized system, which are inexpensive to run and very efficient. But they’re not the only system out there, and depending on your circumstances, a different system nay be much more efficient. Take ductless air conditioning systems, for example. They use multiple small units instead of one big one, spaced throughout your home and each charged with cooling a single room or section. Smaller homes and homes without efficiency issues may do better with a centralized system, but even in those cases, the potential benefits are chard to deny.

Potential Savings

Ductless systems allow you to turn off the air in parts of the home you aren’t using, while still running it in parts that are. For example, you can turn off the air in all the upstairs rooms where you’re not likely to be and run it in the kitchen and living room downstairs where you’ll be spending your day. That can cut down on your monthly energy bills significantly, especially if you have a larger home.

Easier Repairs

The redistribution of the work load with ductless systems means that a breakdown is apt to affect only one unit, leaving the rest functioning as normal. That means you can keep the air running in another part of the house and stay cool while the technician makes repairs.


It can be awfully nice for different family members to set different temperatures in different rooms to suit their tastes. On top of that, there’s the simple fact that ductless systems don’t need ducts, which means that even older homes can still enjoy the benefits of proper air conditioning.

Atlantic Refrigeration and Air Conditioning can handle ductless systems for you!

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