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How Does Duct Testing Work?

Here in Dover, DE, you need every aspect of your air conditioning system to work when the summer heat starts to rise. That usually means the air conditioner itself, but in some cases, it can involve the ductwork that carries the conditioned air to the different rooms of your home. Ducts can develop clogs or breaches that can create serious problems for your system, but they’re often located in crawlspaces and other hidden locales that can be tough to reach. Duct testing is an effective ways of analyzing your ducts to determine if there are any problems and pinpoint their location. How does duct testing work? Here’s a quick breakdown.

The Process

The process starts with the technician sealing off the vents in the system, allowing him or her to pressurize it and check for leaks. A duct testing fan is connected to the blower door or the largest return vent, and the technician will likely open a door or window to make sure the pressure in your home doesn’t change. If you have a zone control system, then he or she will open all the valves, then select a spot to measure the pressure in the system. If the pressure is low, a leak exists, and the technician can then determine what kind of repairs are needed.

The Benefits

Duct testing not only allows you to spot areas where there are problems. It can also help you determine how efficient your ducts are and how much energy you’re losing when you run your system. The two of you can then determine the best steps to take, and whether you require formal repairs or if your ducts are in good shape.

If you’re concerned about your ducts and want to schedule a duct testing, then call the experts at Atlantic Refrigeration right away. We’ll discuss the process with you and then conduct the operation with utmost care for your home!

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