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How Regular Air Conditioning Service Saves You Money Over Time


It’s easy to look at the cost of an air conditioning maintenance appointment, then look at your fully functioning AC, and think that you don’t need maintenance. After all, it’s working fine, so what’s the worry?

We’re going to explain why maintenance, as well as timely repairs (meaning that you call for repairs the moment you notice an issue) save you money in the long run.

When you need air conditioning service in Sussex County, DE to help you save money through timely repairs and maintenance, well, that’s why you have us. Let’s explain how this all works.

Fewer Replacements Over Time

Let’s net the big fish right away: replacement costs. You know how much your last AC installation cost, right? It was probably bigger than you thought. If you could reduce the total number of AC replacements you had to endure in your lifetime even by one, would you?

That’s what maintenance does. With a well-maintained unit (and a consistent maintenance schedule), you can expect fewer replacements over time. Your air conditioning systems should feasibly last for their full 10–15 year life expectancy, and in some cases for even longer.

Less Repairs

Maintenance appointments cost money, repair calls cost money, but there’s a sizable difference between them. With maintenance, you pay for a tune-up, which acts as a point of inspection as well. A technician will inspect your air conditioner and make sure everything’s running smoothly. If it isn’t they can help you find a fix before your entire AC breaks down.

Repair calls mean that a part likely failed and needs to be replaced entirely. Depending on what that part is, the price can be rather high. While maintenance doesn’t guarantee that you endure fewer repairs, it can reduce the amount of repairs, saving you money over time.

In some cases, a repair bill can cost as much as 5+ years of maintenance appointments (or more). And even then, you still need maintenance going forward. Take the proactive approach.

Protects Your Warranty

Did you know that failure to maintain a regular maintenance schedule can actually invalidate your warranty? If the parts manufacturer can see a gap in your recommended maintenance schedule, then feasibly, the damage is due to negligence. They don’t have to uphold the warranty anymore.

If a part fails and it’s not your fault, it could cost in the range of four figures to replace it. With a warranty? The manufacturer has to take care of it. Even if the initial part has a recall or is faulty, they have an argument to not replace it if you don’t keep up on maintenance.

Save Money (and Stress) Over Time

Losing money due to an inefficient cooling system is stressful. Think about all you could save over the years (and how it could more than pay for these maintenance visits). Now’s the time to schedule regular air conditioning services so you’re not left with an energy deficient AC and heightened power bills to boot.

Contact Atlantic Refrigeration & Air Conditioning, Inc. today to schedule your air conditioning services as soon as possible.

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