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Look into a New Thermostat this Fall

Fall is the right time to look into little improvements and upgrades for the heating and air conditioning system in your Dover, DE home. Among the easiest are thermostats, which can be quickly and easily replaced by a trained professionals. Thermostats can last for many years without problems, and yet despite that, most experts recommend replacing them very 10-15 years. It’s not because they wear out (although if you still use mercury-based thermostats, you should replace them immediately, since mercury is dangerous and can’t stay in your home). It’s because the advances in technology during that time is enough to justify a change all on its own.

The most obvious example of this is the development of the “smart” thermostat, which used advances in computer science to truly revolutionize the way thermostats work. The exact features offered by specific smart thermostats can vary, but the possibilities are quite enticing.

Some smart thermostats can analyze your heating and cooling habits, and make small adjustments to provide you the most efficient means of regulating the temperature available. Others can make adjustments based on the environment outside, such as rising humidity, and adjust the temperature to compensate. Others can be activated from anywhere in the world by using an app on your phone, which keeps you from every forgetting to turn the air off when you go on vacation.

All of that adds up to increased savings on monthly bills, a longer life for your system, and a thermostat whose initial startup cost could pay itself back over time from the savings. And with the right company in place to perform the operation, you can be sure your new thermostat will perform exactly as intended. If your thermostat has been around for a while, or you recently bought the home and the thermostat wasn’t upgraded as part of the deal, this is a great reason to make an appointment with a qualified team.

Atlantic Refrigeration and Air Conditioning provides high quality thermostats and installation!

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