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Why Are Commercial HVAC Systems Placed on the Roof?

Is you own a business or run an office space in Lewes, DE, you may wonder why the HVAC system is placed on the roof. It seems counter-intuitive, especially when the system runs into trouble. Why on earth would you expose such an important part of the building’s comfort and safety to the ravages of the elements — sunlight, rain, wind and snow — day after day? In truth, however, rooftop units can be protected quite safely form the elements with proper installation. And in exchange, they deliver some very big advantages.

Modular Formats

Businesses grow and change to meet the demands of their chosen market. And oftentimes, old businesses vacate a given space while new businesses with much different needs move in. The building’s HVAC system needs to be able to adjust to changing needs without replacing the whole thing every time. A modular HVAC system, which multiple units, allows you to add and subtract heating and cooling power as needed. And because that requires free space, the roof makes an ideal location for it.

Improved Space

Speaking of space, chances are it’s at a premium when it comes to a give business. If it’s a retail space, you want room for display cases. If it’s a private office, you need space for your employees to work and storage for key components. You may even want to free up parking space to allow for a few more spaces. Rooftop placement of your HVAC system can allow for that, helping you maximize the square footage available.

Ease of Repairs

When repairs are called for, you don’t want them to interfere with the functioning of your business, even (or especially) if it involves moving large or heavy equipment. Rooftop HVAC systems let the technician work while you can conduct business as normal, without disrupting your entire office.

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