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What Is Zone Control and Why Should You Install It?

Choosing a professional to install a new zone control system for your home or business is the perfect way to both keep everybody in the building more comfortable AND to save some money! Zone control allows you and the people in your family or your employees complete control over individual areas of the building. So, one person can lower the temperature in the living room without making it colder in the bedrooms. Or if one office tends to get hotter than the others due to the number of windows, for example, the employee can cool it off without affecting the rest of the building.

How It Works

When a technician comes to your home or business to install zone control, they will need to access the ducts. They must disassemble portions of the ductwork in order to install dampers and hook them up to a control system. Each damper is controlled by its own thermostat (and a master thermostat which can control every room at once or each individually). When you adjust the temperature in a room, the damper opens or closes to allow air to enter or to block airflow.

How It Helps You

The main benefit of zone control is for your comfort. No longer will you have to hear employees or clientele complain about the temperature in one room as compared to the others. And zone control helps a building to cool or heat more evenly. In a home with two stories, for example, the upper floor is often warmer than the lower floor, but you need to cool the entire home to keep the upstairs cool. But with zone control, the thermostat senses this differences and cools only the upstairs area after the downstairs is conditioned sufficiently.

This also helps you to save money. You won’t have to pay to cool or heat an entire home or commercial space if only one area needs it, and you can shut off the air in certain unoccupied areas to ensure this does not happen.

To learn more about zone control or to schedule an appointment for installation, call Atlantic Refrigeration for services in Dover, DE today!

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