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Why is Short Cycling Tough on my Air Conditioner?

With summer now here in Dover, DE, your air conditioner is put to the test once again. Heat waves and high humidity mean that you need yours to function like a pro to keep your household comfortable. Ironically, one of the more common problems with air conditioners often goes unnoticed by their users, or at best is treated as a minor nuisance. It’s called short cycling, and it takes place when your air conditioner turns on and off very quickly throughout the day. In some cases, it may shut down because it cools the air too fast, while in others it shuts down before the air is cooled. Either way, it’s very tough on your air conditioner, and a trained professional may need to take a look at it to set things right.

Strain and Power Drain

An air conditioner uses far more power starting up and shutting down that it does when it’s running. The energy required to get all of its components going will drop off considerably while it runs. Accordingly, your air conditioner should run at least fifteen minutes at a time. Otherwise, it’s not only wasting energy – causing your monthly bills to rise unnecessarily – but the added strain on your system could lead to a more substantial repair job in the future. And over the course of time, short cycling will shorten the air conditioner’s lifespan, forcing you to install a replacement system before you might otherwise need to.

Possible Causes

A short cycling air conditioner may simply be too powerful for your home, in which case you will need to replace it to solve the problem. On a less dire note, it could be caused by problems with the compressor array or a lack of refrigerant, which can be corrected by a trained professional.

If you detect short cycling in your air conditioner, turn off the system immediately and call the experts at Atlantic Refrigeration for quality repairs!

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