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Is a Geothermal HVAC System a Good Fit?

geothermal-hvac-systemsWith summer here and the need for a new air conditioner all the more prevalent than ever, this is a good time to discuss alternative options. Most of us are accustomed to traditional centralized models, but they’re not the only models out there, and depending upon the circumstances, you might do better exploring one of them. If your old air conditioner needs to be put out to pasture, the new one doesn’t need to be exactly like the old one.

Among the options that work quite well for those with larger patches of property are geothermal systems, which tap into the power of the earth itself to provide heating and cooling for your home. Here’s a brief talk about how they work and what kinds of benefits they provide.

Renewable Energy

If you dig down beneath the surface of the earth – below about 12 feet or so – the temperature never changes no matter how hot or cold it is up top. That’s geothermal energy, which never alters and thus becomes a very efficient power source for heating and cooling with the right system to harness it.

The principles work like this: trenches are dug beneath your yard and a series of coils and hoses are planted there. They’re reburied, and the system pumps a mixture of water and antifreeze from the inside unit, through the coils and back to start the cycle again. In the process, they can either bleed heat from your home into the earth in the summer (cooling your home in the process), or pull heat from the ground in the winter (warming your home).

What Are the Benefits?

Geothermal HVAC systems cost a fair amount to install, since you must excavate and dig to get the system to work as it should. It also means you typically need a fairly large piece of property to work with, though in some cases the tubs can be inserted vertically into the ground to save space. In exchange, you gain a number of considerable advantages:

  • Lower Monthly Costs. Because geothermal energy is infinitely renewable, it cost very little to run, which can save you a great deal of money on monthly expenses ( an especial concern for larger homes and commercial properties.)
  • Durability. The bulk of the system sits underground, which protects it from the ravages of time and weather. That makes it exceptionally durable, allowing it to go for a long time without requiring maintenance or repairs. Of time, that can outweigh the initial investment in the system considerably.
  • Environmentally Sound. Because you’re tapping into a renewable energy source, you’re reducing your home’s carbon footprint considerably: helping to do your part for planet Earth as well as enjoying inexpensive and efficient energy.

If you need a new air conditioner this summer, and you think a geothermal system might be right for you, or you already own a geothermal system that needs a check-up in the Dover, DE area, call the friendly pros at Atlantic Refrigeration & Air Conditioning, Inc. to schedule an appointment!

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