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Geothermal Systems May Be Just What Your Home Needs

Here in Dover, DE, we kind of get the worst of both ends on the heating and cooling spectrum, with hot, muggy summers and freezing cold winters. The solution to that dilemma may be a geothermal system, which draws upon the ambient power of the earth itself to warm and cool your home. There’s an initial up-front cost to such a system, but the long-term savings and overall efficiency often make the purchase worth it. Here’s a breakdown of how it all works: to show why geothermal systems may be just what your home needs.

The System

The principle behind geothermal systems is a physical constant: once you get below 10 feet underground, the temperature of the earth never changes, no matter what the weather is like on the surface. Geothermal systems simply take advantage of that fact. A series of trenches or pits are dug beneath the frost line and coiled tubes are placed there, then covered up again. The tubes circulate a mixture of water and antifreeze that pulls heat from the ground in the winter and releases heat from your home in the summer. An apparatus in your home uses the heat exchange to warm or cool the air, which can then be blown into your home.

The Benefits

Geothermal systems aren’t right for every home, but the benefits are tangible. Because the earth’s temperature is constant, it represents a fully renewable source of energy, which means the geothermal system is extremely energy efficient. You should find yourself saving a great deal of money on monthly bills for that reason.  Furthermore, because the coils are largely underground, they’re protected from accidents and general wear and tear, meaning that the system rarely requires extensive repairs.

If you think a geothermal system is right for your home, give the pros at Atlantic Refrigeration a call today!

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