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Avoid High Heating Bills This Christmas

Dover, DE gets its share of snow and ice every Christmas, and with relatives coming over for the holiday season, your heater is apt to see a lot more use than it might otherwise. You never want to deal with faulty heating systems when you’re preparing a Christmas dinner or welcoming friends and family into your home, which is why now is the perfect time to cut down on those high heating bills. The steps you take today could make a big difference tomorrow, and ensure that high bills won’t put a pinch on your holiday cheer. Here’s a few tips on how to avoid high heating bills this Christmas.

  • Schedule a maintenance session. If you haven’t gotten your heater serviced yet this year, you should do so now. Not only can the technician spot potential signs of trouble and schedule a repair session to deal with them before your guests arrive, but a maintenance session will improve your heater’s efficiency and cut down on those high bills.
  • Install a humidifier. Dry air is a big problem in the winter, as the cool temperatures leach moisture from our skin and sinuses and lead to significant discomfort. Humidifiers not only help your home feel more comfortable, but they help the air feel warmer, which eases the strain on your heater.
  • Consider zone control. A zone control system divides your ducts into individual sections, which you can turn on and adjust the heat in each section separately. Not only does this prevent family squabbles – allowing everyone to set the temperature they like in their own bedroom – as well as shutting off the heat in unused parts of the home, and saving you on reduced bills in the bargain.

Atlantic Refrigeration, Inc. can help install and repair all of these systems, so give us a call today!

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