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Tips for Preventing Unexpected Furnace Repairs

It can be a huge inconvenience if your furnace breaks down in the middle of the winter season when you need it most. Even though the current season is winding down, we still have cold days ahead of us. And you want to do everything possible to be proactive and take care of your furnace so that repair needs don’t pop up and surprise you.

That’s why we encourage you to give us a call if you notice any warning signs that could indicate you need furnace repair in Sussex County, DE. You can keep reading to learn more about how a proactive approach can help you stay ahead of furnace repair needs and avoid the unexpected.

The Homeowner Difference

The number one way to prevent major furnace repairs is by being aware of how your furnace operates. This includes being aware of furnace operation when everything is going just fine. By understanding the standard patterns for when your furnace turns on and off or the sounds that are normal, it’s easier to identify changes in operation and sounds that are abnormal. This awareness is crucial for identifying problems sooner rather than later. 

You also want to complete homeowner maintenance steps each month to look over your furnace and change out the filter. Are you off spent for signs of any blockages. These tasks won’t take long to complete, and if you notice anything out of the ordinary, you need to give our team a call to schedule service. Ignoring the early signs of furnace problems will leave you dealing with unexpected furnace repairs later on.

Maintenance vs. Repairs

It’s also a good idea to schedule professional maintenance for your furnace at least once each year. In fact, it may be a stipulation in your manufacturer’s warranty that you have to schedule professional service or the warranty is voided. By consistently having professional service for your furnace, you greatly reduce the chances of having repair needs.

This is because our team can use our expertise to identify the very early signs of furnace problems and fix them before they get too bad. We can often tweak components or talk to you about replacing things like loosening belts ahead of when they break completely. 

Benefits of Proactivity

Staying ahead of problems keeps your furnace working at its best. Often times, repairs are significant by the time they exhibit obvious signs. Even once components are fixed or replaced, there may be lasting damage to your furnace that cannot be reversed. This damage can shorten your furnace’s lifespan and reduce energy efficiency.

Keeping up with maintenance can help you lower energy costs both now in the short term and over the entire lifespan of your furnace. Plus, your furnace can enjoy a longer lifespan than it otherwise may.

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