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Why You Should Consider Zone Control for Your Heating System

As we head toward cooler weather, you may already be thinking about how to more comfortably heat your home. One great way to achieve better comfort, and some other benefits, is by installing a zone heating system in Dover. Professional installation is important for any upgrade to your heating system, so make sure you call the trained professionals you can count on: Atlantic Refrigeration.

What Is a Zone Control System?

With a zone control system, your home is divided up into different zones, as designated by you, and each zone is given its own thermostat for temperature control. The system is comprised of a series of motorized dampers that are installed into the supply ducts of your ductwork, and the dampers are connected to a main control panel. The thermostats for each zone are also connected to the main control panel, which allows the dampers to open and close as needed to maintain the temperatures that are set in the different zones.

What Kinds of Properties Benefit from a Zone Control System?

Just about any type of home can benefit from a zone control system, but certain types of homes may find them particularly beneficial:

  • Homes with specialized architecture like floor-to-ceiling windows, vaulted ceilings or loft space
  • Multi-story homes
  • Homes with finished basements
  • Homes with multiple wings

What Are the Benefits of a Zone Control System?

  • Customized comfort – with a zone control system, you won’t have to worry about complaints regarding individual comfort or uneven heating.
  • Better energy efficiency – with a zone control system, you use only the heating you need. This can reduce your overall energy usage and save you money on monthly energy bills.
  • Less stress on your heating system – zone control can reduce your overall system usage, so there can be less stress put on your system when you install a zone control system.

A zone control system can give a level of control over your heating that you won’t be able to achieve with a single thermostat. Call Atlantic Refrigeration today.

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