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HVAC and Refrigeration Services in Middletown, DE

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Are you considering a new heating and cooling unit for your household? Does your commercial space need a quick repair so that you can get back to business? Are you considering a new commercial freezer? Whatever your residential and commercial HVAC service needs may be, you can rely on Atlantic Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, Inc. to take care of the job quickly and properly. We operate by the very highest standards in the industry, and our HVAC contractors in Middletown are fully trained and highly experienced in the field. From air conditioning and heating to indoor air quality and commercial refrigeration, we’ve got solutions.

Call Atlantic Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, Inc. now for residential and commercial HVAC services in Middletown, DE.

Get Your Air Conditioning System Installed Right the First Time

What do we mean by that? We mean, first of all, that your central air unit or heat pump matches your space exactly. Its cooling output should match the size and layout of your household so that it operates according to manufacturer’s specifications and reliably. We can make certain that you choose wisely when it comes to a new system, but also that it meets your budgetary requirements. We understand that cost is a concern for many of our customers, so let us work with you to come up with a custom summer comfort solution.

Our Air Conditioning Repair Service

If you find that your AC has begun making a grinding, banging, or hissing noise, then that’s a problem. Give us a call if you notice this happening in your home. We will be right over to investigate the issue and come up with an immediate solution on the spot. Our Middletown AC repair specialists will have your system back up and running in no time at all.

Why Geothermal Heating and Cooling?

With so many options in the HVAC industry, it can be tough to figure out what would work best for your needs. We offer geothermal systems to our customers in the Middletown, DE area in addition to more conventional systems. A geothermal heat pump will make certain that your home is heated and cooled in the most efficient way possible. Call us for details about this technology.

Get in Touch with Us for Heating Services

Everyone in the greater Middletown, DE area understands the importance of a decent whole-house heating system. There’s just no getting around the fact that this type of system will be the best possible option for your entire family to get through the winter comfortably. We offer a number of different options to our discerning customers, including gas and electric furnaces, heat pumps, and boilers. Let us make certain that your heating system is installed right. We also provide our clients with heating repair and maintenance.

Furnaces: Gas or Electric?

When it comes to deciding upon a furnace for your household, you’ll want to consider both of your options. On the one hand, natural gas is a great fit for many homes with access to it, and it has the advantage of efficiency. On the other, today’s electric furnaces are more efficient than ever. It’s your choice. We install and service both types.

Do You Need Boiler Repair?

A boiler combusts gas or uses a heating element to send hot water (or steam) through various pipes or radiators throughout the home. While boilers tend to last a good long while, they suffer wear and tear just like any other HVAC or plumbing system, and you will occasionally find yourself in need of boiler repair. Just call us.

Water Heater Services

One of the difficulties with water heater repairs is that the problem can already be quite advanced before the homeowner notices it and calls for repairs. Generally speaking, the sooner you can notice a problem with your water heater, the less damage that problem is likely to cause. Anything that doesn’t match the water heater’s normal operations - from problems keeping water hot to strange gurgling noises - call in a repair service to take care of it!

Let Our Team Take Care of Your Indoor Air Quality

Having trouble with a buildup of dust or dander within the home? If so, then you may want to consider a whole-house approach to removing such particles. An air filtration system installed within your ductwork can do wonders for your air quality, and we also offer UV air purifiers that can take care of any microbiological contaminants such as bacteria, mildew, or mold spores. What’s more, you may want to take care of any extreme fluctuations of humidity by means of a whole-humidifier or dehumidifier. We not only install but also service indoor air quality equipment.

We Offer Humidifiers and Dehumidifiers

But we’re not talking about portable models. We’re talking about whole-house models that integrate directly into your ductwork in order to capture particles that are floating within your entire indoor air space. These systems are not only highly effective, but they require very little maintenance and they are highly efficient. Give us a call to learn more about our dehumidifiers and humidifiers.

Consider an Air Purifier for Your Home

A whole-house air purifier may be just what you need if you’re at all concerned about the presence of biological contaminants within the home, or just dust and dander. We have several different options for you to consider, ranging from basic media filtration units to those that use ultraviolet.

We Provide Middletown, DE Businesses with Commercial HVAC Service

From the installation of customized commercial heating systems that will provide you with everything that your business needs for exceptional comfort and convenience during the winter, to rooftop AC units to keep your customers and employees cool during the summer, we offer a number of different solutions. Whether you’re in the market for a new system or your existing HVAC equipment needs repair or maintenance, we can assist you. We specialize in the installation and service of a wide range of equipment.

Let Us Take Care of Your Commercial Air Conditioning

Commercial air conditioning systems run 24/7 during the summer months, and they take quite a beating over the years. Are you having yours properly serviced on a regular basis? We’re just the company to call for such maintenance. We will keep your commercial AC in great working order. Contact our team today for maintenance or any other type of commercial air conditioning service in Middletown, DE.

We Service all Makes and Models