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3 Ways to Reduce Your Cooling Bills this Summer

We’ve hit the hottest part of the summer here in Dover, DE, and that means your air conditioner is going to be pushed to its limit keeping temperatures down every day. You’re probably used to paying higher monthly cooling bills in the summer, and to a certain extent, those bills are always going to be high. But with the aid of a trained technician, you can make some additions and improvements to your home to cut into those costs, while helping your air conditioner last longer before needing repairs. Here are 3 ways to reduce your cooling bills this summer.

1.     Schedule a Maintenance Session

If you haven’t had your system serviced yet this year, now may be a perfect time. These little tune-ups allow the technician to clean filters, tighten loose bolts and recharge the refrigerant. In the process, they help the air conditioner perform at its best, while keeping small problems from becoming big ones. Ideally, they should be scheduled every spring, but if you missed it, doing so now will allow you to enjoy the benefits throughout the rest of the summer.

2.     Install a Dehumidifier

When humidity levels are high, the sweat can’t evaporate off of your skin, which is our body’s primary means of keeping cool. The air feels hotter and your air conditioner needs to work harder to do its job. A whole-house dehumidifier can remove that burden, as well as helping your air feel fresher and cleaner in the bargain.

3.     Install an Energy Recovery Ventilator

These ingenious devices perform a heat exchange between air inside your home and outside your home, allowing fresh air to enter the household without the temperature being reduced. Over time, it can save you a great deal on energy bills, as well as improving the quality of your indoor air.

The experts at Atlantic Refrigeration are standing by to help you with these tasks. Call us today!

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