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What Happens During an Air Conditioning Service Call?

Most people assume that an air conditioning technician serves one of two purposes: to install or replace an existing air conditioning system, or perform repairs on it. There’s a third service we perform, however, that can actually help alleviate the first two. Air conditioning service session should be scheduled at least once or twice a year, not to fix any specific problem, but to help prevent any problems from cropping up., In Dover, DE, we need our systems to fight the heat and humidity of summer, but if you haven’t had your system serviced in a while, you might want to think about doing it soon, and you should certainly do it once the summer finally ends and the cool temperatures of fall have set in. Here’s a quick breakdown of what happens during an air conditioning service call.

  • The technician cleans off the dust and dirt on any components and tightens any loose bolts and fittings so that nothing rattles in its housings.
  • The technician checks refrigerant levels and recharges them if they’re low. If a leak is detected, he or she can schedule a formal repair call to fix it.
  • The technician checks all of the electrical wiring and connections to see if anything is loose or frayed.
  • The technician replaces any clogged or dirty filters, or cleans them if they’re permanent fixtures.
  • The technician checks the drain pan for drips and the drain line for clogs, and ensures that both are properly fitted into place.
  • The technician examines the fan and fan belt for any signs of damage.
  • The technician turns on the system and lets it run for 15 minutes or so to ensure that everything is working as it should.

The results allow your system to function at maximum efficiency, as well as alerting the technician to any potentially big problems while they’re still comparatively small.

If your system needs a good service call, then Atlantic Refrigeration is standing by to do it. Contact us today to make an appointment!

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