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Common Late Summer Issues with Your Air Conditioner

The summer season has kept our air conditioners busy here in Lewes, DE, and with several weeks left to go at least, we’re still a ways from being done. All that strain can often show itself in problems that tend to develop this time of year, not all of which may be readily apparent. The sooner you spot the signs of trouble, the faster you can contact a trained professional service to take care of the problem. August is a busy time for air conditioning repair, and some of the more common issues we encounter can include the following:

Low Refrigerant

Refrigerant leaks can be very slow and their effects might not be felt for weeks or even months. But your air conditioner needs very precise amounts to function the way it should, and when those levels drop, it affects your system’s performance. Frost will form on the coils, and your bills may go up as the system works harder to make up for the difference. That can lead to a cascading series of problems as the strain affects different parts of your system. Never attempt to scrape the ice off the coils; it won’t solve the problem and you’ll only damage them further.

Clogged Filters

Dust and other detritus from the air can result in clogged filters, which can in turn create other problems in your system. Dust in moving parts increases friction while dust on coils can create frost much like that described above. In extreme cases, the cool air will remain struck in your system instead of being blown through the ducts like it should, wreaking havoc with many internal components. You should change the filters in your system every 2-3 months, or plan it as part of a maintenance session from a trained professional service.

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