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Fall is Coming: Time to Check Your Heater

Labor Day marks the de facto end of summer, and while Dover, DE has a few more hot days ahead, fall will be here before you know it. Labor Day also makes a great marker on the calendar to take a look at your heating system and start to get it ready for the cooler months. Why? If you notice any problems, you still have time to take care of them before you need your heating system, and by making preparations now, you can ensure that your system is ready to go the moment you need it. Here’s a quick list of steps you can take!

Check the Vents

The heater’s exhaust vents and air vents can easily become filled with leaves, debris and even animal nests over the summer. Always check the vents for blockages and make sure they’re clear before using your heater. In addition, make sure the area around your heating system is clear of any objects or stacks of anything that could block it: set a space of at least two feet around the system to stay clear.

Change the Filters

It sounds simple, but it really makes a huge difference. Most heating systems come with filters that need to be changed or cleaned every few months at the minimum. You should always put in a clean filter before heating season starts to make sure your system is ready to go.

Schedule a Maintenance Session

A maintenance session from your local service technician can be a huge boon to your heater’s performance levels this winter. It helps imp;rove efficiency, and more importantly, allows the technician to check for any trouble spots and schedule a repair session to treat them before you have need of the system.

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