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Get a Zone Control System Put In

Summer is on its way here in Bridgeville, DE, and with it comes those depressingly high energy bills. You need to keep your house cool and comfortable – things get too hot and muggy around here to go without – but you shouldn’t have to pay and arm and a leg for the privilege. Now is the time to think about alternatives. It starts with simple steps like setting your thermostat to 78 degrees and dressing lightly while in the house. But it also can benefit from an upgrade to your air conditioner: something like a zone control system which can be put into your existing system by a trained professional. It can make a huge difference in your bills, while providing a number of other benefits as well.

How it Works

A centralized air conditioner uses a system of ducts to blow cool air from its location throughout your home. A zone control system installs a series of valves at key points in the ducts, separating your home into sections. (It’s usually divided by room, though not always.) Each valve has its own thermostat and control panel. As a result, you can set the temperature in each room separately, or turn off the air conditioner in rooms you aren’t using.

Why That’s a Benefit

The most important benefit to zone controls is that it lets you turn off the air in parts of the home that are unoccupied. That way, your air conditioner only needs to cool one section of the house, which lowers the strain and the cost of your air conditioner considerably. On a more luxuriant note, a zone control system lets you set different temperatures in different rooms, allowing individual family members to adjust the temperature to suit their taste.

If a zone control system sounds like a good fit for you, call Atlantic Refrigeration today!

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