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Spring Air Conditioning Checklist: What to Do before Summer

Throughout the Delaware and Maryland area, homeowners are completing various spring cleaning projects. Perhaps, you’ve already set foot in the garden, you’re thinking about a remodeling project, or you’re just enjoying the transition to the summer. But let’s not forget that when it really starts to heat up, you’ll need to turn on that air conditioner once again. Consider taking care of the following when preparing your air conditioner for summer:

  1. Clean air filter? One of the most common, but easily avoided, issues in the HVAC world occurs when homeowners forget to change their air filter. The filter is not for you, but for the system’s components, which can accumulate debris over time. This leads to inefficiency and even long-term damage.
  2. Right amount of refrigerant? Refrigerant is the blood of your AC or heat pump, and you’ll receive no cooling if your system does not have the right amount (also known as its charge). A professional on our team can quickly determine if you’re operating with low levels.
  3. Outdoor unit clear of debris? If you see any twigs, branches, mulch, leaves, dirt, or anything else pressing up against your outdoor AC unit, then make sure to take the time to clear it. There must be sufficient space around the unit to dissipate thermal energy.
  4. AC tune-up? Want to avoid all this hassle? Let a pro do it. For a relatively small cost, you can have a trained and experienced professional come to your home and complete a detailed inspection, tune-up, and cleaning of your entire air conditioner. It’s proven to improve performance and energy efficiency, and also cut down on the number of problems that you may run into this summer.

Is your AC ready for summer? If not or you’re unsure, then now is the time to schedule your annual AC maintenance from Atlantic Refrigeration & Air Conditioning, Inc. Call now!

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