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How to Keep Cool when Your Air Conditioner Breaks

We tend to think of air conditioners as a comfort, but when the temperatures rise during our Lewes, DE, summers, they’re far more than a luxury. High temperatures can create serious health problems, especially in homes with vulnerable family members such as the elderly. No one wants their air conditioner to suffer a sudden breakdown, and you can help minimize the risk by watching for signs of trouble (basically anything out of the ordinary such as strange noises or reduced performance), and by scheduling a maintenance session at least once a year (preferably before the summer cooling starts). Sometimes, things happen regardless of what we do however, and when they do, you need to know how to keep cool until help can arrive. Here’s a list of some important steps to take. 

  • Check to ensure you need repairs. Basic troubleshooting can spare you a lot of heartache. Check the thermostat and breaker box to ensure that the problem can be corrected with just the flip of a switch. Call in a repair service only after these steps don’t solve the problem.
  • Keep doors and windows closed. This applies most pertinently to outside doors and windows, and should include lowering the shades on windows that are allowing sunlight into you home. You should also keep interior doors closed if possible because it helps converse energy and keep you cool.
  • Watch your activities. Besides staying hydrated and dressing lightly, choose activities that don’t involve a lot of physical stress or exertion. Read, play board games or engage in similar quiet pursuits, and refrain from watching TV or using the computer if you can help it, since those appliances generate extra heat.

If your system breaks down, turn it off — even if it’s not running — and call Atlantic Refrigeration and Air Conditioning to make repairs.

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