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Signs Your AC Has Trouble With Its Compressor


The compressor is about as an important a component as there is in an air conditioner. All parts of an AC are important, but the compressor is what allows an air conditioner to cool. If your air conditioner’s compressor fails, the central cooling system will just turn into a big fan that circulates room-temperature air around the house.

Something else that makes the compressor vital is that it’s an expensive part to replace if it fails. In many cases, it’s more cost-effective to have the full air conditioning system replaced in case of a compressor failure rather than replace the compressor.

The best way to keep your AC’s compressor in good shape is to have the system regularly maintained. If you’re keeping up with regular maintenance, it’s still a smart idea to watch for any warning signs the compressor is having problems. That way you can schedule AC repair in Delaware in time to stop the compressor from burning out.

The Top Signs of a Compressor in Trouble

Here are indications of a compressor that may need to be repaired. Even if the compressor isn’t in trouble, these signs usually mean something in the AC needs to be fixed, so don’t hesitate to call us for service.

  • Strange noises from the condenser: Do you hear a rattling sound coming from the outdoor cabinet of the AC? Or a clicking or grinding noise? This often means the motor of the compressor is wearing down or has loose parts. It may also indicate failed relays or dying capacitors, all of which can lead to a broken air conditioner.
  • Leaks around the condenser: The compressor may begin to leak refrigerant, and you’ll notice moisture puddles around the condenser that you can’t otherwise explain. Refrigerant leaks are serious and will soon lead to the compressor overheating and burning out.
  • AC Can’t keep up with the heat: If you find that the air conditioner isn’t keeping your house as cool as it should, or it is taking longer for it to get the house properly cool, please don’t keep setting the thermostat lower and lower to compensate. Something is causing the system to lose cooling capacity. One possible cause is a compressor that’s starting to fail.
  • Hard starting: This refers to when the compressor struggles to overcome resistance each time it turns on. It’s similar to a car engine struggling to turn over. It may eventually start, but it drains excess energy to do it. Technicians can often fix this by installing a hard-start kit that gives the compressor an extra boost to get going.
  • Tripped circuit breakers: If the air conditioner trips a circuit breaker when it’s running, check to see if the indoor or outdoor unit is responsible. (It’s helpful if the circuits are marked.) If the outdoor unit is causing it, it may be an overstrained compressor caused the problem.

Remember, when in doubt about your air conditioner, always call our pros. We’ll diagnose the trouble and have your cool home restored in no time.

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