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Take These Steps with an Air Conditioning Emergency

Lewes, DE can get plenty hot in the summertime, and the last thing you need is an air conditioner that suddenly breaks down just when the thermometer hits 100 degrees. No one can predict an air conditioning emergency, but when one comes, you need to move quickly. High heat can be a killer and without proper air conditioning, your home will soon feel like an oven. We’re proud to offer emergency air conditioning service anytime, day or night, but when an air conditioning emergency crops up, there are some substantial steps you can take to help move the process forward.


It’s natural to panic a bit when the AC shuts off in the heat of the day. Before you call in an emergency service, however, check to see if the problem isn’t easily solve. Check the circuit breaker in your home to see if it’s cut off power to the system. If it has, restore power and see if that corrects the issue. If the circuit breaker is triggered again, it’s time to call in a repair service. Similarly, check the thermostat to make sure it hasn’t been mis-programmed or accidentally turned off. Finally, check the outside portion of the air conditioner to make sure no leaves or detritus has covered the vents. Only then should you call in a technician.

Keep Cool

Once the technician is on its way, it’s important to keep the system turned off until he or she gets there. Running your air conditioner will only cause more damage, which means you need to find other ways of keeping cool. Lower the shades to reduce the amount of sunlight that streams in, dress in lightweight clothes and keep hydrated as much as possible. Stay away from the upper stories of your home — heat rises — and if you have any portable fans that aren’t connected to your HVAC system, run them now.

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