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Things That May Go Wrong With a Neglected Air Conditioner


We emphasize the importance of scheduling regular AC maintenance in Dover, DE each spring and early summer—it’s that important. And since the summer is rapidly closing in, we want to impress upon all our customers who haven’t yet arranged for their regular air conditioning service visit from our technicians to have it done as soon as possible. It’s simple when you join our Maintenance Agreement Club.

Skipping Maintenance Can Have Big Consequences

We understand if you’re stressed or you’re concerned about having time for maintenance before the summer comes. It’s tempting under these circumstances to wave away this job as something you can skip for a year. But neglecting an air conditioner can create problems that will worsen over time.

Here is what you can expect to go wrong with an AC if it’s neglected:

  • A shorter service life. When you see that the manufacturer’s estimated service life for an AC is 10 to 15 years, that’s the estimate with annual maintenance. Without maintenance, you can cut that time in half. Do you want to need to replace your AC after 8 years when it could’ve run for fifteen? That’s an expensive replacement!
  • Lower capacity. An air conditioner that isn’t kept in peak shape through regular tune-ups and cleanings just won’t be able to do its job as well. It’s the same for a poorly maintained car. The air conditioner won’t keep your house as cool and you’ll soon start to notice rooms that are hotter than they should be.
  • Higher electrical bills. As an air conditioner declines, it will need to expend more power to run than normal. You can expect your electrical bills to rise because of this. On average, an AC will become 5% less efficient each year unless it’s maintained.
  • More repair calls. The majority of repairs an air conditioner may need are preventable through maintenance, or else maintenance will catch them early so you won’t be stuck making an emergency repair call.
  • Unreliable performance. An air conditioning system that’s in danger of breaking down during the hottest days of summer will wreck your peace of mind. Unfortunately, that’s a risk you run with an AC that’s had regular maintenance neglected.
  • Poorer air quality. All the air circulated through your house’s HVAC system must pass through the air conditioner. A neglected AC will pick up so much dust and dirt that it will affect the quality of air circulating through it. It will also allow for humidity to increase. It may even start to develop mold.

A Warranty Reminder

All of the above problems arise from the effect of wear and tear on a neglected air conditioning system. But missing maintenance has an additional effect—it may void the equipment warranty. Without this warranty, you might end up having to pay to repair or replace an air conditioning system due to a factory fault. You don’t want to lose this valuable consumer protection!

“We Take Pride in Your Comfort” at Atlantic Refrigeration & Air Conditioning, Inc. If you haven’t scheduled your AC maintenance yet, give us a call!

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