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Unique Qualities of Commercial Air Conditioning

Air conditioning in the home is one thing, but commercial air conditioning in an office or retail space is an entirely different matter. Though the core engineering is similar, commercial air conditioning systems operate according to a very different set of principles, which means you need a technician trained in commercial air conditioning repair when you run into trouble. Dover, DE has a reputation as a business-friendly city in a business-friendly state. Running a commercial space here means understanding the unique qualities of commercial air conditioning.

Modular Units

Most commercial spaces use modular air conditioning units, placed on the roof of the building and able to be added or removed as necessary. Commercial space has varying demands for air conditioning, and a company operating on one level of an office building may have entirely different needs than one operating on another level. Modular units allow adjustments to be made in the power output of the building as a whole without replacing the entire system. But those units also require a specific knowledge of how they work to repair: similar to residential units, but different enough to demand a distinct set of skills.

Overall Needs

Commercial air conditioning often supports hundreds of people and involves a much larger use of space than even the biggest home. Among other things, that means that repairs must be performed promptly, lest your employees and customers be left without air condition in the middle of the heat wave. It also means that the repair technician needs to determine which unit is causing the problem and sort out the specifics of a much larger and complex system. The source of the issue may be the same as that of a residential home, but hunting it down and implementing the proper correction may be a lot more involved.

If your commercial air conditioner needs repairs, call the experts at Atlantic Refrigeration today!

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