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3 Signs Your Zone Control System Needs Repair

Dover, DE residents need their air conditioning to function during the hot summer months, and that goes for additions and upgrades as well as the core systems. For example, you may have a zone control system installed in your air ducts: a series of seals and valves that allow you to adjust the temperature individually for each section of your home, and even turn the air off in some rooms while leaving it on in others. It’s a great system, allowing you to save money by only cooling the parts of the home you need, and letting individual family members adjust the temperature in different rooms to fit their comfort levels. But like any system, it can run into trouble from time to time, and when it does, you need to get it repaired. Here are 3 signs that your zone control system could use a visit from a local technician.

1.     Strange Noises

If a valve is stuck or a breach has occurred, you may hear a strange whistling or groaning noise coming from the affected area. This is the air moving through it. It’s not a huge concern, but it will prevent you from adjusting the temperature for the zone in question.

2.     An Inability to Adjust the Temperature

Similarly, a problematic valve will allow air into the affected section (or won’t allow air in if it is sealed shut). That means you won’t be able to adjust the temperature in a given section of the home, alerting you to the problem with inappropriately cool or hot air.

3.     Trouble with the Themrostat

With many zone control systems, each individual section is governed by its own thermostat. If one of them is having trouble – by inaccurately reading the temperature, for example, or simply refusing to turn on at all – you won’t be able to control the system in that part of the house.

If your zone control system needs repair, then call Atlantic Refrigeration and Air today!

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